Joe & Nick Jonas Share Vulnerable Love Letters To Their Wives On New Album

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Who were the Jonas brothers before they were the companions and partners of the iconic J Sisters trio? We know them as the boy band of three brothers who also had a TV series before the group disbanded, leading the younger brothers to their own music careers. Yes, they just released a documentary, Chasing Happiness, about said break-up and 2019 reunion. And yes, they attended the Met Gala. But everything in their life so far has led up to this moment: Happiness Begins, their new album which is literally a love letter to their wives. They love their wives, and it's because those women are infinitely cooler than the guys will ever be. It is the cold hard truth and, if you listen to the new album which dropped early this morning, then you can tell the JoBros agree that Sophie Turner, Priyanka Chopra, and Danielle Jonas are the shit — and worthy of all the love letters.
Joe and Nick each carved out a song to gush over their new wives and the lyrics in each address shady relationship rumors as well as vulnerable moments in their relationships. "Hesitate," is a love letter from Joe to Sophie and "I Believe" is one from Nick to Priyanka. During an interview with Apple Music, Nick said that he was "so excited to play it on tour," with Joe adding: "We listened to it a lot on your bachelor party. It sounds even better by the beach." An emotional love song than you makes you want to party on the beach? Welcome to the new JoBros brand.
In "Hesitate," Joe sings about kissing away Sophie's tears, and taking away her pain and putting it on his heart instead. It's an incredibly earnest and emotional track that gives a clearer picture to the more challenging days in Sophie and Joe's relationship, which the actress recently addressed, as well as talking about mental illness about during an interview with Dr. Phil. Joe and Sophie were notoriously private about their relationship, rarely appearing together at events until recently. After eloping in Vegas and becoming the It-Couple of the summer, they seem comfortable with sharing the secret struggles in their relationship with the world.
Although the title is "Hesitate," the track is about Joe never hesitating to be there for his partner — thick or thin, baby.
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Nick, meanwhile, goes a more playful route in his track. His song, "I Believe," is about fate, more or less. He immediately discredits that viral post that went around about the legitimacy of his relationship (you know the one) and says that when Priyanka holds him, it's like heaven. He sings about their immediate connection (he told Vogue for their December 2018 cover story that it felt like they had met in a past life), and that there isn't any turning back on their love.
He believes in her! And their love! And now I do, too.
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As for Danielle, she is mentioned all over the album. She and Kevin have been together since 2007, which means there's 12 years worth of love, memories, and emotion to tap into — much too much for one song.
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Now with all these lyrics about wives, lovers, and happiness, we all need to mentally and emotionally prepare ourselves for when Nick and Joe start having kids.

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