A Guide To The Stand-Out Players At The Women's World Cup

Photo: Andrew Bershaw/Icon Sportswire/Getty Images.
Every four years, some of the planet's greatest athletes can be found on one soccer field. Since 1991, FIFA's Women's World Cup has pitted two dozen teams from countries like England, South Africa and the United States against one another, leaving room for only one to claim the title of world champion.
This year, the competition — which began on June 7 — takes place in host country of France. After winning in 2015, the United States is favored to take home the ultimate prize yet again. Whether the national team will is something fans won't learn until July 7.
Still, the odds of victory are in their favor. Already, Team USA beat Thailand 13-0 in a sweeping win.
Though the event is certainly more fun if you are, you don't have to be a total soccer (or "fútbol") fanatic to understand that part of the joy of the Women's World Cup is in celebrating women in sports.
The women of the world cup may be incredible athletes every day of the year (and deserve equal pay, thank you very much) but during the World Cup, we really get a close look at some of the rockstars of the soccer field. Of course, with 24 teams, it can be hard to keep track. Here are just some of the people you may see tearing up the field during the Women's World Cup this year.

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