Will Any Of These Predictions For The Game Of Thrones Finale Come True?

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What happens to a Game of Thrones theory thread after the show’s finale? As fans migrate to Game of Thrones spinoff threads, does it shiver from lack of attention on an untended corner of Reddit?
Well, we still have one more week to wildly speculate about the epic fantasy show that’s kept us hooked for nine years. Ostensibly, the May 19 finale will answer the title’s major question: Who will the game of thrones?
The show has been planting clues for its conclusion all along. So the ending won’t come out of nowhere — and it definitely won’t be as straightforward as, “So and so character sits on the spiky Iron Throne and suddenly has a regal aura, allowing them to rule blissfully for ages.” Here are our best guesses for the finale of Game of Thrones' final twists.

Prediction One: Arya Stark will add Daenerys to her kill list.

Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) traveled to King’s Landing with a mission: She planned to kill Cersei Lanniser (Lena Headey), one of the few names remaining on her kill list. But now that Cersei’s been crushed by the Red Keep, and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) has inherited the role of Big Bad Blonde, Arya's plan will likely change.
According to Melisandre, Arya is destined to kill someone with “green eyes.” While Daenerys has violet eyes in the book, Clarke has unmistakably green-grey eyes. Arya could easily face-swap her way into Daenerys’ chambers and assassinate the Queen.
Another theory? Arya will street urchin her way into Daenerys’ chambers, assassinate the crazed queen, and rule Westeros using Daenerys’ face. Granted, being power-hungry isn’t necessarily in Arya’s character, but is Daenerys’ suddenly immolating her progress toward the Iron Throne in her character? This season has featured many sped-up character progressions. Maybe it's time for Arya's.

Prediction Two: Arya will ride the heck out of Westeros.

After the battling wights at Wintefell and dodging dragon fire at King's Landing, Arya has seen a lot. Too much. She's already turned down the options of living a noblewoman's life with Gendry ("that's not for me") and wasting away in Winterfell. So much of Arya's character formation occurred in Essos. Maybe she's riding out for another adventure beyond the borders of Westeros.

Prediction Two: AeJon TargarySnow will rise to his destiny.

Jon Snow (Kit Harington) has always been reluctant to accept his parentage — and what it means for Westeros. Jon is no bastard. He's Aegon Targaryen, rightful heir to the Iron Throne. After his once-lover, forever-aunt, Daenerys Targaryen burns up King’s Landing, Jon may realize he can’t keep running from his fate. He put his faith in the wrong person. Jon has to be the one to rule.

Prediction Two-and-a-Half: Jon Snow will say “screw it” and become a wildling.

Alternatively, Jon might realize that he can’t last another day without petting his direwolf, Ghost. He may stow away from King’s Landing and joins his old friends in the Truth North. Each night, he and Tormund (Kristofer Hivju) will roast squirrels and tell stories of their wild youth over a campfire. He will live a simple, shivery life.

Prediction Three: Jon will bring democracy to King's Landing.

Jon Snow is the opposite opposite of Simba. He really, really doesn't want to be king. After seeing what damage this so-called "game of thrones" has done to his family, friends, country, etc., he'll melt down the Iron Throne and call for elections.

Prediction Four: Tyrion will commit treason.

This twist seems like a guarantee. In "The Bells," Varys (Conleth Hill) set the precedent of Daenerys' advisors ditching her for reasons of, you know, rationality. It didn't take long for Tyrion to realize his friend was correct. Odds are, Daenerys is going down in the finale. Tyrion may lead the way.
Stephen King, master of the plot twist, believes Tyrion might even sit on the throne.

Prediction Five: All the dragons will die.

In Season 1, Daenerys carried out a minor miracle when she hatched three dragons in the Dothraki Sea. By that point, dragons had been extinct for 150 years. If Drogon dies, Westeros and Essos will go back to being dragon-free — ensuring sure no ruler can possess such a monstrous (literally) weapon again.

Prediction Six: Sansa will rule an independent North.

The North will look down at the chaos of King's Landing, say "no thanks," and secede. Sansa will (and should) rule. Perhaps Jon will appoint her to the Iron Throne.

Dream Prediction: We'll follow a day-in-the-life of a normal Westerosi

Hear us out. What if the final hour of Game of Thrones followed at a few serfs in Westeros, far removed from the show's action? Imagine: The ground shakes in a hut outside King’s Landing during Daenerys' siege. A grizzled (but loving) dad looks up from his mug 'o beer and asks his brood of kids, “All right, who farted?” Cue laugh track.
To be clear: This is definitely not going to happen! But it would be an amusing — and necessary — reminder that the world is bigger than the action of Game of Thrones. In "The Bells," countless innocent citizens paid the price for Daenerys' ambitions. How have the other "normals" of Westeros spent the last few years, as a few select people carried out their very self-serious bids for power? Next up on the great Game of Thrones sitcom we never got to see.

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