Natasha Lyonne Just Went From Natural Blonde To Russian Doll Red

Photo: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images.
From Game of Thrones to Insecure, sometimes the hair on a show is so good that it becomes a star in and of itself. Russian Doll, the quirky Netflix comedy (or dramedy, depending on your mood), was definitely one of those shows, with lead actress Natasha Lyonne's lion's mane of scarlet curls practically stealing the scene in every shot.
Now, three months after the hit series first aired, Lyonne has apparently looked to Nadia Vulvokov for inspiration for her own off-screen hair color (and a very on-trend one, at that): copper red.
Lyonne, a natural blonde, showed off the vibrant new hue at Tribeca Film Festival this week, where she discussed her roles on both Orange Is The New Black and Russian Doll. Rather than rock Nadia's larger-than-life curls, Lyonne wore her hair mostly straight, with a side part and a bit of bend at the ends.
As good as the intense copper color looks, it comes with a lot of messy maintenance, as hairstylist Marcel Dagenais, who worked with Lyonne on Russian Doll, told us earlier this year.
"We literally colored it every three weeks," Dagenais said. "For maintenance, I was giving Natasha Davines copper shampoo and conditioner. She was like, 'It's turning my towels orange!' That’s a warning, actually — it’s very heavily pigmented, so if you do use it then expect your white towels to be a little orange. One day I actually went out and got her a set of black towels, like, 'Problem solved!'"
While Russian Doll season 2 still hasn't been officially announced, maybe a reminder of how damn good Lyonne looks as a redhead will convince Netflix to give us more. Or hey, maybe this is a sign that more Russian Doll is indeed coming our way...

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