Kris Jenner's Biggest Skin-Care Secret Is Maybe Kylie Jenner's Moisturizer

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The most famous and powerful women in the world often sport a signature beauty look. It makes sense: With lives so busy and empires so massive, why waste time considering a new look?
Kris Jenner is a prime example of this. The iconic momager is almost always seen with a dark pixie haircut, an intense smoky eye, glossy pink lips, and preternaturally glowy skin. For a 63-year-old mother of six — who, in many ways, feels like the mother to an entire generation of reality-TV lovers who have watched her raise her children into superstardom throughout 16 rollicking seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians — it's pretty damn impressive.
What's her secret? In an interview to promote the launch of her Ulta-exclusive Kylie Cosmetics Momager Kit, Jenner told us that her journey to amazing skin began long ago.
"I think really good skin starts when you're young," Jenner tells Refinery29. "When I was really young, I realized the value of a super-creamy moisturizer and getting facials from time to time to really help take care of my skin."
As far as her favorite moisturizers go, well, there's one that Jenner describes — with a laugh — as "top secret," which means it could very well be from the rumored Kylie Jenner skin-care line... or maybe Kris has something of her own in the works as well. Other than that, Jenner loves Thibiant Beverly Hills New Radiance Optimum Synergy Cream, which retails for a cool $215, and good ol' La Mer. As she puts it: "Who doesn't love La Mer?"
But just because Jenner is hyper-famous now — with access to literally any and all beauty products on earth — that doesn't mean she's not still picking up tips and tricks here and there. For one, her kids have recently taught her that technique matters when applying skin care.
"My kids are pretty specific about the way you apply certain products," Jenner says. "Like, you rub everything upward and across the face and the neck. The application of giving yourself your own mini face massage is amazing."
Her kids have also taught her about the importance of sun protection, which isn't something she cared about much when she was a sun-soaked teenager coming up in California.
"When I was growing up, we just put baby oil and iodine all over and sat there with a reflector on the beach and it was as much sun as we could get," Jenner says. "We didn’t know any better. Now, this generation really takes care of themselves in a way that we just weren’t educated to back in the day. Just the other day, all the kids were in the pool, and they were slathering on sunscreen and I thought, OK, good point, better get something for my face."
Beyond products, Jenner also credits massages as one of her favorite treatments for keeping her youthful. "With all the stress that we have in our lives, I think it’s really helpful to every once in a while get a great massage," Jenner says. "It’s really relaxing and helps me unwind."
Seeing as she continues to juggle her children's multi-billion-dollar careers on top of her own — all of which has built Jenner a personal empire worth $90 million — if anyone is in need of a quality unwinding, it's Kris Jenner.
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