Every Song From Someone Great's Incredible Soundtrack (& A Few More Recs)

Photo: Netflix/Sarah Shatz.
While Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) may not have a handle on her breakup, there is one thing she still totally dominates: music. In Someone Great, Netflix's latest rom-com, our protagonist's long-term relationship comes to a screeching halt when she gets her dream job across the country, and during one of her final New York City nights (plus a few flashbacks), it's music that keeps her spirit alive. Whether she's chugging straight alcohol to Lizzo or reminiscing to Vampire Weekend, her situation may be sad but the playlist is good.
How else can you explain Lorde's "Supercut" re-entering the US iTunes chart? If I had to guess, everyone was reminded of how good that song is when it started playing over Someone Great's opening credits.
But the best thing about Someone Great's soundtrack — all of which is on Spotify — isn't just that it's filled with artist you love, but that it's also filled with artists you're about to love that you may have not discovered yet. Phoebe Bridgers, a young indie artist that will make your heart ache with the power of a thousand break-ups, has a number of songs on the soundtrack, and if you're not yet on on the Mitski train, Someone Great will inspire you to get on board.
Ahead is the full soundtrack to Netflix's newest break-up rom-com — as well as some more suggestions that would be totally Jenny-approved.

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