Every Song From Someone Great's Incredible Soundtrack (& A Few More Recs)

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While Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) may not have a handle on her breakup, there is one thing she still totally dominates: music. In Someone Great, Netflix's latest rom-com, our protagonist's long-term relationship comes to a screeching halt when she gets her dream job across the country, and during one of her final New York City nights (plus a few flashbacks), it's music that keeps her spirit alive. Whether she's chugging straight alcohol to Lizzo or reminiscing to Vampire Weekend, her situation may be sad but the playlist is good.
How else can you explain Lorde's "Supercut" re-entering the US iTunes chart? If I had to guess, everyone was reminded of how good that song is when it started playing over Someone Great's opening credits.
But the best thing about Someone Great's soundtrack — all of which is on Spotify — isn't just that it's filled with artist you love, but that it's also filled with artists you're about to love that you may have not discovered yet. Phoebe Bridgers, a young indie artist that will make your heart ache with the power of a thousand break-ups, has a number of songs on the soundtrack, and if you're not yet on on the Mitski train, Someone Great will inspire you to get on board.
Ahead is the full soundtrack to Netflix's newest break-up rom-com — as well as some more suggestions that would be totally Jenny-approved.
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"Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You)" — UGK, OutKast

If there was ever a song to blast while walking down the street to the first signs of summer weather, this is it.
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"Supercut" — Lorde

This song will get you in your feelings even more than "In My Feelings."
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"Motion Sickness" — Phoebe Bridgers

This is just one of the many quintessential sad-but-addicting songs Bridgers has released these past few years.
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"Truth Hurts" — Lizzo

Take it from Jenny, "Truth Hurts" may not fix your breakup, but it's the band-aid you need to get your energy up during the heartbreak.
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"Mansard Roof" — Vampire Weekend

Whether or not you went to college, this song will somehow have you reminiscing about your afternoons on the quad.
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"Everybody Wants To Be Famous" — Superorganism

Meet the most popular song from your new psychedelic dream team.
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"Fake Nice" — The Aces

Upbeat, summery, and — most importantly — girl-powered.
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"Saturdays (feat. HAIM)" — Twin Shadow

You know any song with HAIM is going to be a good one.
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"Scott Street" — Phoebe Bridgers

I can't hear this Bridgers song without crying, so approach with caution.
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"Your Best American Girl" — Mitski

Possibly one of the most iconic songs from this indie pop princess.
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"The Jump Off" — Lil' Kim

This early 2000s hit literally never gets old, and is the perfect song for partying your memories away.
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"Dreaming Of You" — Selena

Speaking of classics, no playlist would be complete without Selena's dreamy input.
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"Deeper" — Saint Cava

This hazy song is perfect for long hours of contemplation, which are even better with friends by your side.
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"Should I" — Phoebe Ryan

Ryan's whole discography is worth checking out, but this dancy tune stands out.
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"The Perils" — Old Man Saxon

This jazzy rap track sounds the way driving with the window down feels.
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"Karaoke (feat. Lizzo)" — Big Freedia

Have you ever heard of a better collab than this one? I'm already dancing and I haven't even pressed play yet.
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"Great One" — Jessie Reyez

Every breakup soundtrack needs a thoughtful, soulful piano piece.
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"Reasons Not To Die - Demo" — Ryn Weaver

Recommendation: Next time it rains, blast this through your headphones as you walk down the street.
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"Missing U" — Robyn

Turn off the lights — but turn the strobe on — and dance away your tears to Robyn.
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"Do You Think About Me" — Captain Cuts, Zookëper, Georgia Ku

This is one of those songs that will definitely be stuck in your head after just a few seconds of the chorus, but you'll be totally okay with it.
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"Moon River" — Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean dropped this song last Valentine's Day, and it will definitely have you thinking about love.
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"Call On Me - Ryan Riback Remix" — Starley, Ryan Riback

Has there ever been a more cathartic end to a playlist?
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"This Life" — Vampire Weekend (Recommended)

While "Mansard Roof" may have been Jenny's song in college, "This Life" from Vampire Weekend's newest album Father Of The Bride would be the perfect update.
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"Soulmate" — Lizzo (Recommended)

Lizzo also has a new album, and "Soulmate" is definitely perfect for a break-up.
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"Want You In My Room" — Carly Rae Jepsen (Recommended)

How do you have a movie about music without Carly Rae Jepsen?

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