The Real Story Behind Cara Delevingne's Punk-Rock Armpit Hair

Photo: Courtesy of Gunpowder & Sky.
Cara Delevingne has never been the kind of celebrity to hold fast to the status quo. Remember when she went full G.I. Jane in 2017 — and then painted her freshly-shaved buzzcut in silver paint at the Met Gala? The woman simply marches to her own drum beat, a point proven once again with her latest Instagram post showing off her body hair.
As much as we love to embrace body hair — and stars who do the same — Delevingne's armpit hair isn't real. Rather, the model and actress revealed in the post that she got laser hair removal a while ago, and that this hair we see before us is... a wig?
"I never thought I would need armpit hair again after getting laser... I was wrong," Delevingne wrote on Instagram. "Introducing ARMPIT WIGS! Thoughts?" Sure, we have thoughts, like Since when do armpit wigs exist? And why is Cara Delevingne wearing them?!
Turns out, the body hair was for Delevingne's role as grunge up-and-comer Crassie Cassie in Her Smell. She may not be the reckless lead of the film's plot (that spot would go to Elisabeth Moss as Becky Something), but Crassie Cassie's look, designed by makeup designer Amy L. Forsythe, was just as deeply rooted in the '90s grunge era the film takes place — from her rainbow-painted "Chelsea" mullet to her furry underarms, which were created using ventilated lace wigs (created by special effects artist Amanda Miller).
Grunge, a music genre-turned-subculture and lifestyle born out of Seattle in the '90s, ushered in a noisy and rebellious aesthetic that wasn't represented in mainstream music at the time. Crassie Cassie may be fictional, but she very much channels the punk-rock women and Riot Grrrl movement of that era, unapologetically free and unapologetically female. And what's more free and unapologetic than throwing away your razor?

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