The Kardashians Just Took The Naked Cake Trend To A Whole New Level

Photo: James Devaney/GC Images.
Last night, Kourtney Kardashian celebrated her 40th birthday with an epic party that included her sisters, serenades by Robin Thicke and Sia, a Don Julio 1942 bottle-engraving station, and one enormous naked cake. Now, when we say naked cake, we're not talking about one of those ultra-trendy, rustic-looking confections that are only sparsely covered with icing so the layers are visible. No, never ones for subtlety, the Kardashians went for a more literal take on the trend. That's right, this year, Kourtney Kardashian's birthday cake featured an edible version of her naked body sitting on the edge of a bathtub.
Before the party was in full-swing, Kim Kardashian West, of course, documented her older sister's incredible cake for all her Instagram followers to see. The reality star's video showed a Poosh-inspired sugary sculpture of a luxurious bubble-filled bathtub. On the bath's ledge sat a bowl of flower petals, product bottles, and a plush towel. Beside the tub was an ice bucket with two bottles of champagne inside and an abandoned pair of heels and discarded silk dress. Then, there was the cake version of Kourtney, completely naked and covered in bubbles with her hands up in her hair.
As Kardashian West started filming the creation, she explained, "Okay, Kourtney's party is beginning, and this is the cake," but as she hovered past the figure on the bath to give her followers a view from every angle, Kourtney' youngest child Reign interrupted. "No, do the butt!" he said, giggling. "Take a picture of the butt!"
As the night went on, the birthday girl was eventually presented with this very Kardashian take on the naked cake after being showered with birthday wishes by her friends and family. Sadly, though, none of the many social media posts from the celebration revealed the cake's flavor or if the icing-covered Kourtney used the real Kourtney's recommended products to look good naked.

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