This Is What An Almost-Billionaire Drinks On Her 21st Birthday

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Tomorrow, Kylie Jenner turns 21 years old. Yes, Jenner, who Forbes recently called a self-made almost-billionaire, is only now reaching legal drinking age. Every year, when the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister's birthday rolls around, we're surprised all over again by just how young she is, but this year, our consternation has been overshadowed by curiosity. We wanted to know how she's celebrating, and most importantly, what specific drink she'll be toasting with.
A couple weeks ago, Jenner shared a photo of a gorgeous bottle of Don Julio, which claims to be the world's first luxury tequila brand. The bottle that appeared in her recent Instagram story contained Don Julio 1942 and was engraved with the phrase "Happy Birthday, Kylie!" Next to the box holding the bottle, Jenner wrote, "AHHH 21 SOON" and added a sunglasses-wearing emoji.
Though many of us spent our 21st birthdays drinking Bud Light out of a solo cup or taking shots of ultra-cheap vodka out of a tacky souvenir shot glass, all signs point to the fact that Jenner won't be drinking like most newly minted 21-year-olds come tomorrow. Her photo seemed to hint that she was saving the tequila bottle to drink on the night of her 21st, especially since it was engraved with such a specific message. So, naturally, we went about finding out a little bit more about the specific tequila.
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If you purchase a bottle of Don Julio 1942 on — the online retailer Don Julio suggests on its official website — it costs $160. Custom engraving is an extra $15, and the tax on the purchase (in California) is $16.63. Despite the fact that the Kardashian-Jenners and other celebs of their caliber are constantly getting freebies from brands, a Don Julio representative told Refinery29 in a recent email, "We actually did not send Kylie the engraved bottle that she posted on her Instagram. It must have been gifted to her by a friend or family member." So, assuming that whoever ordered the bottle opted for free standard shipping, the total cost of the tequila was $191.63.
Given the amount of money the Kardashian-Jenner clan regularly spends on flower arrangements and custom accommodations for their dogs, the less than $200 price tag on Jenner's 21st birthday beverage is actually a lot cheaper than we expected. Still, Don Julio 1942 is nothing to scoff at.
Don Julio 1942 is characterized as a "celebration tequila" because it was originally released on the 60th anniversary of founder Don Julio González first making tequila. This celebratory status makes the alcohol a good fit for Jenner's upcoming momentous birthday. The tequila is also special because it takes a long time to make. "The agave plants take between six and 10 years to grow and are only selected when ready. Then, they spend at least another two and a half years aging in American White Oak barrels, so we recommend sipping and savoring (neat or on the rocks)," a Don Julio rep tells Refinery29 in via email.
If Jenner does sip and savor from this engraved bottle of Don Julio 1942 tomorrow, she'll be in good company among other celebs. Stars like Michael B. Jordan, Nick Jonas, Victoria Beckham, Nina Dobrev, and The Chainsmokers have all been spotted enjoying the alcohol during their own celebrations.
Though all signs point to this specific bottle of Don Julio 1946 being a grand addition to Jenner's 21st birthday celebration, we're guessing it won't be the only adult beverage she drinks tomorrow. Remember, she's been working on building her wine collection since long before she could legally buy alcohol, so has plenty of options for a birthday toast.
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