We Would Like To Live In The House That Kylie Jenner Is Building For Her Dogs, Please

Photo: Kevin Mazur/MG18/Getty Images.
Earlier this week, Kylie Jenner posted a video on Snapchat that showed off the newest edition to her 1.4-acre Hidden Hills property. The video opens with Jenner walking toward a small brown home with a little white fence in front. When we first watched the Snap, we jumped to the logical but very wrong conclusion that the elegant structure was new a pool house. Then, it occurred to us that it might actually be a fancy playhouse for little Stormi Webster to one day play in. We know she's only a baby, but Kylie has already purchased many things for her that she won't be able to use until she's older — you've see that kid's closet, right? As the video progresses, however, it is made clear that both of our initial guesses were very far off. A few seconds into the clip, Jenner reveals that the gorgeous miniature home we were admiring is actually being erected for her dogs.
Photo: via @KylieJenner
As she approaches the adorable tiny home, Jenner excitedly tells her followers, "You guys, my dog house is almost done! How cute!" Kylie's right, the dog house she's having built is indeed cute and even matches the aesthetic of her own Cape Cod home, but looks aren't the only things this house has to offer. According to the clips, when finished, this dog house will be air conditioned and heated. As Kylie explains casually, "It's like a guest house."
Though the beauty mogul's home is 13,200 square feet and has eight bedrooms, we suppose Jenner's dogs needed their own space. She does share her home with best friend Jordyn Woods. Plus, babies and all their things do take up quite a bit of room. We also know that Kylie Jenner has so many dogs that besides her miniature greyhounds Norman and Bambi, we can barely keep track, and it seems like she's always adding new ones to the family.
We have to admit, however, that during this time of year, when it's so hot that we are bound to sitting in front of our window air conditioner units because our apartments don't have central air, it was a bit hard to watch this video. We actually found ourselves wishing that we could live like Kylie Jenner's dogs, which is a tough place to be. Still, we're happy for Norman and Bambi and their two kids Rosie and Harlie — and whoever else is going to live in that house. Those four make a very sweet family, and they deserve their white picket fence.

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