Kourtney Kardashian Answers Our Most Pressing Questions About The Poosh Launch

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Over the past month, fans have been curiously waiting to learn more about Poosh, a new project from Kourtney Kardashian, one of the more low-key members of the Kar-Jen clan. After a lot of teasing through Instagram photo collages and tweets containing the mantra "Educate, motivate, create, curate," Poosh is officially launching today, and Kourt herself is ready to dish.
Refinery29 caught up with Kourtney Kardashian ahead of the launch, and she told us all about Poosh — a new lifestyle website and e-commerce platform which will cover topics of health and wellness, life and style, interior design, beauty, motherhood, and more. Kardashian shared how she came up with Poosh's concept, the biggest challenge she faced in bringing the brand to life, and of course, where that already-iconic name came from.
Refinery29: How did you first come up with the concept for Poosh?
Kourtney Kardashian: My sisters and I used to have our apps, which were partnered with a company, and it was restricting in certain ways. There was a barrier to entry; you had to pay to get it, and I [never wanted] to go that direction when we started. Sarah, one of my best friends since high school, and I had lunch together, and we were going over ideas. She's been working on different blogs and stuff for years, and has her own beauty blog. This was something that I really wanted to build on my own and do the right way — to get my voice across [with] a team that believes in trying new wellness trends and other things, and [who] get my vibe.
I also felt like there wasn't anything out there that felt nonjudgemental, welcoming, and more of a conversation. I love to give people information, but we're all here to live our best lives. The message is trying to do our best; [that] doesn't mean being perfect. We're all kind of like Here are things that I like for me. If you want to try it, cool. Even with clean beauty — something I'm really interested in, and trying to advocate for better laws about the ingredients [used] in our products — I'm not perfect when it comes to that, either. I do use certain products that don't [have] top scores. It's just about having the information, making decisions and trying to do our best.
I also felt like there wasn't a space where you could care about what you're putting in [and on] your body, care about the environment [and be] a really invested mother — but then also feel cool and sexy. It seems like it had to be one or the other. You can have it all, and to me, the modern woman does care about what she puts in her body, the planet, all those things. That doesn't mean she has to give up one thing to have the other.
What has been the biggest challenge while creating Poosh?
The content has been coming pretty easily so far, but because we're truly building it ourselves, I realized I don't know too much about the technical side of things. I'm also a perfectionist, so I think that's the biggest thing. I want everything really perfect and a certain way, so just being understanding that everything will grow as we see what's working has been my challenge.
One of the goals of Poosh is "elevating the traditional online experience from a monologue to a dialogue." How do you plan to accomplish that? Will there be a way for users to engage with you and the content aside from reading and shopping?
I've always used social media as a way to engage with people, [to] see what people are looking for and what they're asking for. We'll be able to see what pieces perform well, but Poosh also has its own Instagram account; when I had my application, it didn't have that. It's useful in the way people can leave comments and really engage and see the feedback. I think that will be a big different element from last time.
Tell us a little bit more about your editorial team. How did go about finding the members and building your team?
I'm writing some of the stories in my voice. We're also calling upon friends of mine, people that I go to for information, like my trainer, some of my doctors, one of my friends who's a therapist. There's also Sarah, who really put the rest of our team together for now. It will hopefully grow, but for now, it's pretty small.
We've created a nice little team. I'm heading to my house to have a meeting right now, and it's fun to work together as a group of friends. I'm so used to working with my sisters, and it's just been such a cool change.
Will your sisters be contributing to Poosh? Can you give us any names of some of those friends and experts that will be contributing?
I am going to have Stephanie Shepherd, one of my good friends, contribute. My trainer Amanda Lee. One of my good friends, Erica Spiegelman, she's a therapist. As far as my sisters go, I would love to do stories with them and get their tips just because they're in my life, but they're not contributors as of now. There are specific things they do that I think people would love to know more about, including myself, so I would love to have them write a story on certain things. I would love to ask them when the time comes to do that. Definitely.
Will the site have new content daily?
It will start with at least one to two stories a day, and then, hopefully, grow from there.
Who inspires you in the lifestyle space?
I love Rosie Huntington. She has Rose Inc., which is all about beauty. I really admire her and love what she's doing.
How did Poosh become a nickname for your daughter Penelope, and how did you decide to use it for your lifestyle website?
I don't know how we came up with Poosh. It's so funny because I found when naming my kids, I always thought, Oh, this is going to be their nickname and then it never ends up being their nickname. With Penelope, I thought we were going to call her 'Nelly,' and we really call her 'P' and 'Poosh' and 'Pen.' It's just so funny.
I don't even know how Poosh came about, but we've called her that for years. I call her that most of the time, like, I rarely call her Penelope. I have always loved the word, and we felt like it just worked. She's such a special little girl, who really is like our little muse. She inspires me to really live my best life, which is what this is about. She's very inspiring to me to want to be my best and do my best.
What is your home design aesthetic and what kind of interior design content can we expect to see on Poosh?
Well, I like that my aesthetic evolves. I like really simple, I don't like too modern. I think I really appreciate a lot of different styles when they're done well. I've always had this dream of buying different kinds of houses and decorating them in completely different ways, like, having a house in the mountains and decorating it a certain way and having a house on the beach and decorating it a different way. Since I was a kid, I've always dreamed of doing that. One of my New Year's Resolutions was to buy another house this year so that I could start making that dream come true. I do love and appreciate a lot of different design styles. I'd describe my home now as like casual, comfortable, California style. I don't like too fancy or over-the-top or glitzy for my personal style.
For our content, I'm sure it will evolve. I love to give things space and let it breathe and see what happens, so I would love to see where it goes with interior design. That is one of my favorite topics. I’m really interested in sharing the little things that I'm into at the moment. I'm re-doing a bathroom right now, and I cannot find a sconce that I like. My decorators showed me ten sconces, Scott will even send me sconces, different friends will send me sconces, and then yesterday, I was like 'Oh my god, I don't want any sconces. Let's just do none.' I just think it's fun to share those things. I'm constantly doing something because I like that outlet to use some of my creative energy. I'm doing two bathrooms in my house right now, which is not the biggest deal, but it's fun to share the little things. Like, I want a little olive tree in a pot, like a tiny one just to sit on a shelf. Just those little things that I'm into. And, I'd love to have someone on our team be really into it also and be able to show me new things.
In addition to selling curated products, will you also create your own Poosh line of items that will be available?
I'm definitely interested in seeing where it all goes, but we don't really have anything in the works as of now.
Will we see you working on Poosh in this season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians?
Yes, absolutely! I had a lot of my meetings during this season because we've been talking about this idea since last May, so it will definitely be a part of the season.
Interview has been edited and condensed for clarity and length.

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