Kanye West Crashed Kim Kardashian's "73 Questions" & Stole The Show

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.
Along with interviewing her for their cover, Vogue got the privilege of visiting Kim Kardashian's home to ask her 73 questions, so who answered the door at the beginning of the video? Kanye West, of course. Just like the rapper is getting more screen time on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, he occupied a significant portion of the eleven-minute video, be it answering questions himself or being weirdly entertaining in the background with baby Chi.
"Uh, babe? This is for me," Kardashian says after West answers the door, sending him off to their bedroom with the kids. However, the camera soon follows her there, and what ensues is a cacophony of little kid chatter and West chatter that totally derails the video.
"Saint is into Paw Patrol. North is into Bill Nye The Science Guy. And Chi is into anything food," their mother explains as Kanye cuddles with the brood. However, just because Kanye's there doesn't mean he necessarily has a lot to say.
"Kanye, what's the best part of being a dad?" Vogue asked.
"The kids," he replied. Got it!
He did pipe up, however, when Kardashian revealed that she and her fellow mom sisters have a group text about parenting issues.
"They don't get advice from me," he pointed out. "Can I get on that chat, please?"
For the next minute or so, I can't absorb anything Kardashian is saying, because I'm too busy watching a smiling West watch Chi crawl around on the bed, at one point picking her up and scooting her onto his lap. Later, she sticks her hand in his mouth, totally stealing his attention when Kardashian attempts to ask him a question.
West chimes in once more to say that he knew Kardashian was the one when he saw her in a paparazzi picture with Paris Hilton, and to admit that he doesn't always listen to her financial advice.
Watch the full interview below.

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