Rumors About Meghan Markle & The Queen's Jewels Have Everyone Worked Up — Including Prince Harry

Photo: Neil Mockford/GC Images.
There’s a lot of royals-related drama going on this week. In the event that Instagram handle feuds and friendship falling-outs aren’t doing it for you, there’s a new set of rumors for you to sink your teeth into — and they concern the Queen’s royal jewels.
In a report from The Sun, an unnamed source claims that Queen Elizabeth was so displeased by Meghan Markle’s “demands” and overall behavior during the Royal Wedding that she has banned Meghan from borrowing certain items from the Royal Collection which are reserved for Kate Middleton. The decision is supposedly not a personal one, as the Queen “likes Meghan personally,” but is simply a matter of “hierarchy.”
Prince Harry is reportedly distraught by the rumors of a rift between the Queen and Meghan. An unnamed source told Express that “there is anger that these claims circulating are simply not true.” They also pointed out that Meghan has worn jewels from the Royal Collection in the past, such as the tiara she wore on her wedding day and the earrings she wore for her first royal engagement, but she and Harry simply haven’t attended events recently that might warrant lavish jewelry. The problem with that is not every piece of jewelry in the Royal Collection is lavish and Kate has worn items to an array of events of the sort that Harry and Meghan have participated in: while touring other countries, making public Christmas appearances, and at formal dinners. But, without knowing exactly which items are allegedly out of Meghan’s release, it’s hard to say if the claims are true.
Another unnamed source poked more holes in this theory for Vanity Fair, saying that although there is a “pecking order” for the jewels, Meghan is certainly not banned from the Royal Collection and that this sort of ban is “not the kind of thing” she would do. The Queen also reportedly opened up the Royal Art Collection to Harry and Meghan in January to help them decorate their new home, according to Vanity Fair.
When it comes to matters of the royal family, it’s always tough to say for sure what’s really going on — but, for now, it seems safe to say that a hierarchy for heirloom jewels is to be expected, and, relatively speaking, is a low-stakes issue. What may be more concerning, however, are the allegations that Meghan is so difficult and demanding that the Queen has banned her from her jewelry box, and more or less echo the same kind of mean-spirited, racist gossip Meghan has been dealing with since joining the royal family. So, we’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: leave Meghan alone.

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