The $39 Volumizing Spray Behind Kacey Musgraves' Country Hair

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If Gretchen Wieners were real, she'd probably be jealous of Kacey Musgraves' hair. And, to her credit, there is one secret the Grammy-Award winning country singer is hiding in that astonishing bouffant: hairstylist Giovanni Delgado.
"Her interests have always been hyper-glamour," explains Delgado, a Tennessee native who's helped Musgraves develop her signature voluminous look over the past four years. That "hyper-glamour" was on full display for her fourth studio album, Golden Hour. "Her vibe is definitely more of a '70s, disco moment," Delgado says.. It's almost like she's growing from the '60s aesthetic she was in with her album Pageant Material."
While Musgraves' look feels organic and natural, Delgado says that toeing the line of retro and cheesy is a delicate art. Ahead, he tells us who's inspired Musgraves' most memorable looks, the volumizing spray that helps her achieve ultimate "Yeehaw" status, and the one hair oil that gives her that signature, mirror-like gloss.

Kacey Musgraves Is Filled With Yeehaw Energy

If you think Musgraves' look is merely a side effect of the country music scene, you're wrong. While that obviously plays a big role in her aesthetic, she always maintains a specific vision that isn't just about being a country star. "She is her own creative director," says Delgado. "She just knows her vision. She's always been that way."
As seamless as Delgado and Musgraves' collaboration seems, the two only started working together in 2015 after Musgraves released Pageant Material. "We essentially connected through a mutual friend, then I moved to New York from Nashville and we reconnected for the release of Golden Hour," he says. Since then, the two have made history with her standout red-carpet and music video looks, including the time Delgado turned her into a literal saint for "Rainbow."
"I pulled paintings and images of the Virgin Mary for her look," Delgado recalls. "You see in the different vignettes that she's like the voice of reason. I was channeling some of that energy with the hair. It's a religious wave." Delgado used a flatiron to create the dreamy, ribboned texture, as opposed to a curling iron which would have formed stiffer, barrel curls.

The Retro Superstars Who Serve As Inspiration

"We're honestly DMing each other all day of just looks," Delgado says. "We pull from different [Instagram] accounts, but I use a ton of fashion books, too." Delgado often references photos from legendary night club Studio 54, as well as music icons like June Carter Cash, Priscilla Presley, Nancy Sinatra, Cher, and Dolly Parton. "We like a lot of the vibes of some country musicians — Dolly always comes up," he says.
The goal: To give Musgraves a look that's true to her country genre, but still feels modern. Some of it might ignite nostalgia, but it never feels tired. "Making something costume-y can kill a look," Delgado says. "We tip toe around it. We do hair that's big, but not so big that it's camp."

Her Hair Product Routine Is Chic — & Expensive

Delgado confirms that, yes, Musgraves' hair is as shiny and healthy as it looks on TV — and, to keep it that way, he's got her on a strict wash-and-styling regimen. Although Musgraves has been quoted saying she almost never washes her hair, Delgado confirmed that she does use Oribe's color-treated shampoo and conditioner in her regular routine. "The conditioner is a bit heavier, but it really protects her hair," he says.
When styling her hair, whether it's a sleek, straight look or something more tousled, Delgado always uses a heat protectant on her damp hair, which helps her thick hair dry faster. And even though she's got a lot of hair to begin with, she does enlist the help of extensions for certain larger-than-life looks (like the time she appeared on RuPaul's Drag Race).
Most of Musgraves' hairstyles start with a really nice blowout, a quick touch-up on the ends with a flat iron, and lots of Oribe's Gold Lust oil. "We call her hair 'Black Mirror' because it's so shiny," says Delgado. As far as volume goes, Delgado prefers a grittier, volumizing spray, like Oribe's Maximista spray. With a little bit of teasing, he says this stuff gets her hair as high as heaven. To secure it all in place, he always reaches for an extra-hold hairspray that sets her hair without weighing it down, like Oribe's Superfine Strong Hair Spray.
Sound like a lot to copy at home? Luckily, you don't have to tease your hair until it hurts to be a part of Musgraves' yee yee club.

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