How Tan France Met His Husband Rob & Where They're Going Next

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Throughout 16 Queer Eye episodes, we’ve gotten a tiny glimpse into the lives of our makeover heroes when they’re not transforming a hero (and if you’re following any/all of them on Instagram, you know a lot more). In-between makeovers and life-affirming talks, they drop bits of information about their life outside of the Netflix series, and none so more than Tan France.
Tan openly talked about his husband, Rob France, on a few occasions, even sharing with the rest of the guys — and us — his proposal story at one point during Episode 2 of Season 1. If you don’t feel like booting up Netflix and finding it right now, here goes: during the grand “reveal” part of the “A Decent Proposal” episode, Tan explains that he and Rob had been together for so long, and knew what was coming next for them, they just decided to get married.
“It was just a case of, ‘you know we’re going to get married one day, right?’ We had just agreed that it was going to happen... and we arranged the date!”
No big flashy proposal moment, no outrageous bling-bling to post on social media afterwards, just a quiet moment between the two of them when they realized they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Honestly, that’s adorable. If you’re still in need of more info about this couple and their lives off-camera, here’s what you need to know about Tan and Rob.

Tan & Rob Met On A Dating Website

Talking to the New York Post, Tan describes Rob as a “Mormon cowboy.” Tan is Muslim, and according to him their vastly different religious backgrounds actually brought them closer together. “It made it easier to date somebody who had similarities to me. I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke. We practice some of our religions’ practices. We don’t practice them all. We practice what works for us.”

They’ve Been Married For Over 10 Years

Tan has never openly discussed the decision to take Rob’s last name (and he doesn’t owe us any answer for it, tbh), but he was born Tanween Safdar, and took Rob’s last name after marriage.

Rob Is An Illustrator

On Rob’s website, he explains that he’s self-taught, and specializes in “in figure illustrations and the occasional abstract portrait.” He doesn’t do prints or replicas, so each one is completely unique. Prints range in price from $300 - $900 if you’re looking to pick up some of his artwork. You can also check out his work on Instagram.

He Also Worked As A Pediatric Nurse

In a 2015 interview — so this is way before Queer Eye — Rob explained that at the time, he was working as a full-time nurse, and simply doing art on the side. Talking to City Weekly, Rob explains that he’s “passionate about women's fashion, oddly, and horror/sci-fi films.”

Tan & Rob Plan To Have Children In The Future

Before Season 2 of Queer Eye dropped in June 2018, France explained that he and Rob are thinking about surrogacy to have children.
“I feel privileged to be in a position where I get to talk about what I want to do,” he told the Associated Press. “And if I want to have children I want to talk about it and nobody can say it’s wrong and get away with it. [Surrogacy is] a legal option that is available to us, and I will use that.”
As to how many children, Tan goes on to explain that he wants six. “It’s just enough.”

Rob Hasn't Met Tan’s Family

Tan had a difficult time coming out to his family, which meant that later when he found himself in a loving relationship, sadly, his family didn’t want to be involved. Speaking on fellow Queer Eye Jonathan Van Ness’ podcast, Getting Curious, Tan explained that he told his family about his upcoming marriage, but they didn’t want to hear any more details, let alone his partner’s name.
Thankfully, after the release of Queer Eye, Tan’s family got a front-row seat to his life and lifestyle, and they’ve begun to embrace him, and Rob.
“Our relationship has changed so much the last few months,” he continues. “Now they ask about Rob every time we Skype, and they'd literally never said his name before. For ten years they've never used his name. So now, it's a very strange feeling with them over Skype. They've actually seen him on FaceTime and that's a very strange process."
So, as it turns out, Queer Eye has been a therapeutic experience for the hosts as much as it has been for the heroes.

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