This Isn't The First College Scandal Lori Loughlin's Family Has Been Involved In

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On Tuesday, Fuller House star Lori Loughlin — as well as a slew of other high-profile people such as actress Felicity Huffman — were indicted in a college admissions fraud case which involves a national conspiracy to get students into elite schools. According to court documents, per New York Times, Loughlin and her husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, “agreed to pay bribes totaling $500,000 in exchange for having their two daughters designated as recruits to the USC crew team — despite the fact that they did not participate in crew — thereby facilitating their admission to USC.”
In the wake of the scandal, a quote about college from Loughlin’s daughter, 19-year-old YouTuber Olivia Jade Giannulli, has resurfaced — and it's so cringey, given the circumstances of Loughlin’s charges.
In August of 2018, Olivia Jade posted a video in which she answered fan questions. One question was about how she would balance her online career with her college aspirations. At the time of the video, Olivia Jade was about to move into a dorm at USC in Los Angeles.
“I don’t know how much of school I’m gonna attend, but I’m gonna go in and talk to my deans and everyone and hope that I can try and balance it all,” Olivia revealed in the YouTube video. "I do want the experience of like game days, partying. I don’t really care about school, as you guys all know.”
Viewers took issue with the casual attitude.
“it sucks that some people don’t have the privilege to get an education and she's going just for game days,” wrote one person in the comment section. The comment received over 1,500 likes.
Following the backlash, Olivia Jade apologized for the comments with a follow-up video.
“I said something super ignorant and stupid, basically," Olivia Jade said in the video, titled “I’m Sorry,” before adding: “I’m really disappointed in myself."
Olivia Jade may not have been stoked to attend classes, but she did benefit from her student status. She posted sponsored content from Amazon Prime which focused on her freshman dorm room.
"Officially a college student! It’s been a few weeks since I moved into my dorm and I absolutely love it," Olivia Jade wrote on Instagram. "I got everything I needed from Amazon with @primestudent and had it all shipped to me in just two-days."
Refinery29 has reached out to Olivia Jade for comment.
This story has been updated.

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