AOC Was A Girl Scout, So Now Conservatives Are Boycotting Thin Mints

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Photo: Courtesy of Girl Scouts.
A partial list of popular things right-wingers have boycotted to "own the libs" since Donald Trump became president: Starbucks. Netflix. Nike sneakers. Cold, refreshing glasses of Budweiser.
The latest addition to the blacklist is Girl Scout cookies, which a conservative columnist called on her readers to renounce after learning that ubiquitous socialist superstar Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was once a Girl Scout. That's right: She is willing to forgo Thin Mints, the most perfect sweet-and-crunchy snack in the land (and obviously the superior Girl Scout cookie), to score partisan points. You go, conservative columnist! Throw out those socialist cookies!
The writer calls for a cookie boycott because the Girl Scouts today "are a far cry from those of my youth, which trained us to put God and country before everything else." The organization celebrated Girl Scout alums who "broke barriers" in the 2018 midterm election with a post on its website that included women like Veronica Escobar, the first Latinx Congresswoman from Texas, Ayanna Pressley, the first Black Congresswoman from Massachussetts, and Ocasio-Cortez.
"Before you decide to embrace an International Women's Day celebration or buy the cookies, ask yourself, 'Will the country be better off with more representatives like the young socialist Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez?'" she wrote.
Sure Jan, boycott an organization that teaches girls valuable leadership skills because you're afraid of "socialism." We'll be over here eating our Thin Mints, and shaking our heads over your Ocasio-Cortez Derangement Syndrome. And so will the Girl Scouts, from the looks of it.
"It's unfortunate that anyone would boycott Girl Scout Cookies in a misguided effort to make a personal political point at the expense of millions of girls throughout the country," Girl Scouts of the USA said in a statement provided to Refinery29, adding that building girls' leadership skills is a nonpartisan, nonpolitical effort. "It's no surprise 60% of women in the current Congress are Girl Scout alums — women from both sides of the aisle whose Girl Scouting experience helped them become the leaders they are today."
Ocasio-Cortez responded to the columnist in a tweet on Thursday. "Boycotting cookies that teach little girls leadership skills to own the libs, nice job," she wrote. "I'll take 10."
This is the latest incident in a long history of right-wing obsession with Ocasio-Cortez, from creep shots taken at a restaurant to smearing her for...dancing on a rooftop in college. She explained the psychology behind it, when she said, in a recent New Yorker interview: "I am as powerful as a man and it drives them crazy."

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