Who Is The Killer On True Detective? Here's The Finale's Haunting Answer

Photo: courtesy of HBO.
After eight long weeks, the end of True Detective season 3 is finally here. That means finale “Now Am Found” lives up to its name and finds answers to the season's biggest mysteries. Namely, who killed Will Purcell (Phoenix Elkin) and kidnapped his little sister Julie Purcell (Lena McCarthy)?
Detectives Wayne Hays (Oscar favorite Mahershala Ali) and Roland West (Stephen Dorff) have done their best to ferret out some hints since premiere “The Great War and Modern Memory.” First, there’s the creepy way Will’s body was hidden and posed in a cave, complete with many dolls pointing the way to his final resting place. Then, there are the reports that an interracial couple — made up of a white woman and a Black man with a milky eye — in the Purcell kids’ orbit. Even Will and Julie’s mom Lucy Purcell (Mamie Gummer) dropped some incriminating details this season.
Now it’s time for answers about what this all means. So, we scoured the internet for the best theories about who the culprit could have been ahead of True Detective’s finale. Keep reading to find out who the leading suspects were — and whom finale “Now Am Found,” confirms is the true killer.

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