Here's What True Detective's Mind-Bending Season 3 Is About

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
We may still have a few months to go before the third season of True Detective comes to HBO, but at least we finally have a full-length, official trailer to answer some of our burning questions. For instance, what is season 3 actually about? Will it be as good as the iconic first season? And is Mahershala Ali's performance going to send me to the hospital? I'm about to tell you, it looks like it, and probably!
This new trailer is a closer look at Detective Wayne Hays (Ali), who reflects back on a case of missing children set in the wilderness of the Ozarks that's haunted him through life. Wayne tries to piece together his memories from three different timelines, prompting a lot of dramatic looks and tense conversations. This calls for some truly classic True Detective lines, like "What you don't remember you don't know you don't remember" and "You ever been someplace you couldn't leave, but you couldn't stay both at the same time?"
All these pontifications stem from Wayne's conviction that there's more to this case than meets the eye — and he's not the only one.
"I'm telling you, they didn't run off," one character says of the children. So then what happened?
That's the question that Wayne has had a lifetime to ponder, and it looks like Ali, along with Stephen Dorff and Carmen Ejogo, are going to bring it to life in a way so dark and thoughtful, it might just be on par with season 1.
True Detective season 3 premieres on HBO January 19, 2019. Watch the trailer below.
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