True Detective Is Back & The Detectives Look Moodier Than Ever

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
True Detective, HBO's twisted anthology series that served as a homing beacon for the McConaughaissance, will return in January 2019 with its third season. The first season garnered a lot of attention for its bleakness and its performances (Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson starred) but faltered in the second, which starred Rachel McAdams and Colin Farrell. HBO is trying for a third, and this time they've enlisted Mahershala Ali, fresh off his Oscar win for 2016's Moonlight. Per the trailer, which was just released Sunday, things are still very, very bleak. People will cry. Hair will be mussed. Ali will gaze into the distance in consternation. He will also, per the trailer, grow old and very sad. (Some fancy old-age makeup gifts Ali with at least 40 more years.)
Season three will take place in the Ozarks, the mid-country wilderness that has been the setting for a number of stories, including the Netflix show Ozark and the 2010 sleeper hit Winter's Bone. Ali will play a detective — one that is truer than true! — who deals with the same crime in three different timelines. Season 3 will also star a number of stalwart TV presences, like Scoot McNairy (Godless, Halt and Catch Fire). Ahead, the first full trailer as well as a guide to the cast.
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