Hey SNL, What Do We Have To Do To Get More Of Kate McKinnon & Aidy Bryant?

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
Are you currently in the midst of planning your wedding? If so, Saturday Night Live is here to give you a deal on a venue you can’t refuse — especially if you love curtains. Lots of curtains.
Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon, who are probably SNL’s most beloved office-mates right now, star in the “Wedding Venue Ad” sketch. It’s their comedic timing and chemistry that make these two so damn entertaining to watch — Bryant’s charisma while saying ridiculous things and McKinnon’s dry delivery are a match made in comedic bliss. Portraying a middle-aged couple who own the venue, Bryant and McKinnon sport accents from an unidentifiable country, which makes sense: Queens, New York is home to the most diverse amount of spoken languages in the world.
Their venue definitely has a neighborhood feel, with carpeting everywhere (including the bathrooms), dusty wall light fixtures, and so much over the top gold, you would think you’d stumbled into Trump’s lair. Amenities include tween valet drivers who are definitely not old enough to operate a motor vehicle and security guards at the door to make sure you pay. And dusty chandeliers, never forget the dusty chandeliers.
Guest host Don Cheadle is at your service as the chef, DJ, and wedding photographer who promises exactly six usable photos of your big day.
No wedding reception is going to be perfect, but at least dining chairs covered in giant bows and dressed like brides will make everything feel like home in Queens.
Hey SNL, please give us more McKinnon and Bryant. Like, way, way more. We’ll tune in every week as long as these two are in sketches together.

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