When Lady Gaga & Glenn Close Face Off, The Real Winner Is SNL’s Celebrity Oscar Feud

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
If Lady Gaga and Glenn Close were on the same episode of Celebrity Family Feud, who would steal the show? That is a question we never thought we would ask, but Saturday Night Live tried to answer.
Kenan Thompson donned his bald cap and fake mustache again to host another episode of Family Feud as Steve Harvey. Only this time, all the contestants were Oscar nominees. On one side, you have the Oscar newcomers: Lady Gaga, who is always accompanied by Bradley Cooper, Rami Malek, and Mahershala Ali. On the other side, the Oscar veterans: Spike Lee, Glenn Close, Sam Elliott, and Olivia Coleman. It’s a lot of big names, but only two are fighting to be the star of the show. Melissa Villaseñor belts her best Lady Gaga and Kate McKinnon brings the theater to the soundstage with her impersonation of Glenn Close.
If 99 Saturday Night Live writers were surveyed, you’d just need one to tell you that Melissa Villaseñor’s Lady Gaga impression is a hit. Clearly, there is more than one, because Villaseñor as Gaga made multiple appearances on this week’s episode. Villaseñor pulls some of Gaga’s best quotes and facial expressions. McKinnon, the master of impressions, is a method acting Close one moment and a warm and conversational Close the next. “Don’t touch me!” she shouts as she goes into a dramatic monologue no matter what she’s asked. Both appear to be playing their own game within the game titled: who is worse at Oscar Celebrity Feud? It’s a fierce competition. Almost as fierce as Gaga’s “face of a lion who’s about to pounce.”
While the rest of the cast and this week’s host, Don Cheadle, brought forward strong impressions of their respective celebrities, Villaseñor and McKinnon are in a league of their own. If only they had the chance to go head to head on a question — then we really would have seen who could have stolen the show.
It was a close race, but we think Villaseñor as Gaga might have won this round. The Oscars are fast approaching and both Gaga and Close are nominated for best actress in a leading role. We will soon see if SNL’s predictions are right.

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