There Are 4 Movies Out On Valentine's Day, Let Us Help You Pick One

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Valentine’s Day used to be traumatic for singles. Anyone not in a relationship was forced to suffer through a holiday designed to celebrate love in all its romantic glory — which only puts one’s singleness into even more of a stark contrast. Any red or pink decorations, heart-shaped candies or little cards passed around was just a reminder that Valentine’s Day was really “Singles Awareness Day” for anyone without a significant other. Thankfully, Hollywood decided to reclaim the day and make it a big box office day instead. So whether you're half of a love-struck couple or all on your lonesome, there are movies out on Valentine’s Day for you. Seriously, there are four extremely different films, only some of which include romance, hitting theaters this Thursday, Feb. 14. But which movie should you pick?
We’re here to help you make the best decision for your Valentine’s Day movie of choice, whether it’s for a date (how appropriate!), a group outing with friends, or even some me-time. Between the four movies coming out this Thursday, here’s what you should see based on what you love (or hate, you do you):
If Love Rom-Coms But Also Love To Hate On Them: Isn’t It Romantic
Rebel Wilson’s anti-rom-com rom-com stars the Australian comedian as Natalie, a cynical woman living in NYC who hits her head and wakes up in a PG-13 romantic comedy. Also starring Wilson’s Pitch Perfect love interest Adam Devine, Liam Hemworth, and Priyanka Chopra, Isn’t It Romantic skewers more romantic comedy tropes than you can count. But even while taking down stereotypical romantic comedy traits, director Todd Strauss-Schulson’s film is still a romantic comedy at its heart. This is perfect for anyone looking to see a movie with romantic themes, especially if your date or friend wants to make fun of those romantic themes.
If You Love Sci-fi And Hate Picturesque Scenes Chock Full Of Flowers: Alita: Battle Angel
This cyberpunk dystopian future fantasy epic is based on Yukito Kishiro’s manga Gunnm which ran from 1990 to 1995, inspiring the anime Battle Angel in 1993. The live-action blockbuster version is finally debuting in theaters after almost a 20 year development process from James Cameron after he teamed up with writer/director Robert Rodriguez. Rosa Salazar brings the anime manga cyborg to life, CGI-enhanced eyes and all, along with stars Christoph Waltz, Mahershala Ali, Jennifer Connelly, and a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo by Michelle Rodriguez. If you’re looking for a movie full of action (and more rollerblading than you could ever want!), Alita: Battle Angel is the movie for you. There’s also a romantic arc for anyone still wanting a little love with their action on V-Day.
If You Love To Hate Valentine's Day: Happy Death Day 2U
If you’re looking for the most anti-Valentine's movie possible, then Happy Death Day 2U is your best bet. The sequel to 2017’s Happy Death Day, Jessica Rothe returns as Tree Gelbman, the unlucky college coed who once again gets stuck in a Groundhog Day-like loop, living the same day and dying over and over again until she figures out the curse and finds her killer. Full of horror and gore and dark comedy, Happy Death Day 2U is the most non-Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day release of 2019.
If You Love Funny Family Drama, The Rock, Or Wrestling & Hated Every Other New Movie Suggestion: Fighting With My Family
It wouldn’t be a big Hollywood box office weekend without a movie starring The Rock! Dwayne Johnson returns to his wrestling roots by playing himself in this Stephen Merchant-directed film (yes, the same lanky British dude from Hello, Ladies) based on the life of WWE Diva Paige. Fighting With My Family also stars Florence Pugh, Lena Headey, Vince Vaughn, Nick Frost, and Merchant. Full of humor and heart, this movie is great a family outing, sports fans, or people who love dry British humor. Plus, who doesn’t love The Rock?
Whatever movie you end up picking, at least we can all agree on one thing: Movie theater popcorn is far superior to those chalky conversation hearts, right?

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