The Best Movies & TV Shows You Might Have Missed This Year

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If I were to summarize this year in movies, it would go like this: Get Out, Wonder Woman, Dunkirk, Lady Bird, and Call Me By Your Name. If I were to summarize this year in television, it would go like this: This Is Us, 13 Reasons Why, Game of Thrones, Riverdale, and Stranger Things 2. These summaries, while accurate, are but cursory glances of the year in television and movies. The fact is, there's only so much time, and there's way too much good content out there. You probably missed some great television and movies this year — and that's okay! That's why we're here.
The best movies slipped through the cracks in pre-awards season soup. If a movie came out before August and didn't happen to be Dunkirk or Wonder Woman, chances are, it went ignored. This is how gems like A Ghost Story or Personal Shopper slipped by without much fanfare.
There's still time, though! As you fall into the lazy period just before New Year's, delve into some pop culture you might have missed this year. We promise they're just as good — if not better — than the hyped movies and television you imbibed this year.
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If you loved It...

Happy Death Day

The horror-comedy genre is a rich niche, but before 2017, it didn't have many inhabitants. Get Out obviously took the lead this year — it was horror-satire, not just horror-comedy — while Happy Death Day slipped under the radar. It's a light movie with a simple premise: a college student must relive her death until she figures out a way to prevent it. Oh, and all the action happens on her birthday. It's Groundhog Day, but with the same scary ending.
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If you loved Lady Bird...


Gillian Robespierre's indie comedy came way before Lady Bird, but had the same ideas. It takes place in 1995, and examines the repercussions of a family patriarch's affair. Also, it stars Jenny Slate, a Robespierre favorite. (Slate also starred in the 2014 film Obvious Child.)
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If you loved Dunkirk or The Disaster Artist...

Their Finest

Their Finest combines the two, if you can conceive of that. It tells the story of a young screenwriter who is instructed to write a film based on the evacuation at Dunkirk. And, erm, filming of the movie ends in disaster.
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If you loved Wonder Woman...

Atomic Blonde

Also based on a comic book, Atomic Blonde is about a double agent — the Atomic Blonde — who is played by Charlize Theron in the film.
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If you loved The Shape of Water...


The movie, from director Bong Joon-Ho, makes a compelling argument for veganism. The film follows a large, genetically modified pig named Okja. Okja is meant to be food, but she's also a beloved pet — and her owner (played with aplomb by Seo-hyun Ahn) will go the ends of the earth to save her from certain death.
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If you loved Lady Bird...

Beatriz at Dinner

Many great films take place over awkward dinner parties — it's practically a genre. This dinner party features Beatriz (Salma Hayek) as a massage therapist who gets stuck eating dinner with one of her wealthy clients (Connie Britton). Awkwardness and some surreal dream sequences ensue.
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If you loved Stranger Things 2...


This has been a big couple of years for women and magical powers. The OA and Stranger Things feature young women — played by Brit Marling and Millie Bobby Brown, respectively — discovering and exploring a newfound ability. Thelma is similar: The character Thelma (Eili Harboe) finds that she has supernatural abilities that seem to coincide with her queer sexual awakening.
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If you loved Baby Driver...

Good Time

Remember Robert Pattinson? He was the guy from Twilight. He starred in one of 2017's least talked-about movies: Good Time, a crime thriller from Ben and Josh Safdie. The movie was distributed by A24, the company responsible for The Florida Project, Lady Bird, The Disaster Artist, and last year's best picture winner Moonlight, which means it's top quality. Pattinson plays Connie Nikas, a young man who attempts to rob a bank with his younger brother, Nick (played by Ben Safdie).
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If you loved Dunkirk...

The Lost City of Z

Included in this list because Charlie Hunnam, the star who just can't get the right movie, is in it. Hunnam plays an explorer who ventures into the Amazon in search of another civilization. And, Robert Pattinson has a minor role.
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If you loved Her...

Marjorie Prime

Meet: The movie that gave us Jon Hamm as a hologram. In this Her-esque film, Jon Hamm plays the holographic recreation of a woman's late husband. Lois Smith plays the widow Marjorie Prime, and Hamm is her handsome electronic counterpart.
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If you loved Atomic Blonde...

Lady Macbeth

How far would you go for your 18th-century lover? That's the question posed in Lady Macbeth, a sanguinic tale of a "merry murderess," if you will. Florence Pugh is a young woman named Katherine who goes to great lengths — really, really bloody lengths — to keep her relationship with a farmer named Sebastian (Cosmo Jarvis).
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If you loved Stranger Things 2...


The X-Men films are a mixed bag these days, so it's worth mentioning that Logan was hardly part of the franchise. It stars Dafne Keen as a mysterious young girl named Laura who ends up with Wolverine/Logan (Hugh Jackman). She has Wolverine-esque powers, and Logan is her movie, without a doubt. Laura rules over the movie with a stinkface and an adamantium fist — Wolverine who?
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If you loved Baby Driver...

Free Fire

Before there was Baby Driver, there was Free Fire, yet another A24 film about professional criminals. It centers on an arms deal gone awry when a few enemies gather to exchange goods. Among its stars: Cillian Murphy, Armie Hammer, and Brie Larson.
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If you loved Blade Runner 2049...


This was supposed to be Anne Hathaway's big reentry to Hollywood — the wave of Hathahate was over and we acknowledged that it wasn't warranted. Colossal told the story of a disgraced young reporter who discovered that her actions coincided with that of a giant reptile terrorizing Seoul, South Korea.
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If you loved Murder on the Orient Express...

My Cousin Rachel

Rachel Weisz is Rachel, a mysterious woman who catches the attention of her cousin Philip (Sam Claflin), despite his misgivings about her. As they become involved, Philip grows increasingly suspicious of her motives. She is broke, he discovers, and maybe a little opportunistic. This is, of course, according to Philip.
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If you loved The Florida Project...

Patti Cake$

Attend the tale of Patricia "Dumbo" Dombrowski (Patricia MacDonald), a young white teen and hopeful rapper from Bergen County, New Jersey. Despite the odds, Patricia is going to make it as a rapper, no matter what the people around her tell her.
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If you loved Wonder Woman...

Professor Marston & The Wonder Women

Yes, there's a movie about the making of Wonder Woman, the comic book, and it came out the same year as Wonder Woman. It's a quiet, thoughtful film about the origins of the first woman superhero, and the people behind her conception. Watch it first as a primer, then go watch Wonder Woman.
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If you loved Baby Driver...

Logan Lucky

Did you find yourself missing a little Channing Tatum in your life? Look no farther than Logan Lucky, Stephen Soderbergh's movie about a couple of down-and-out construction workers who concoct a plan to rob a nearby race car course. Adam Driver and Daniel Craig also star.
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If you loved House of Cards...

The Young Pope

Jude Law is the rebellious American pope Lenny, who causes upheaval in the Vatican after his appointment. He's young, he's from New York, and he's not here to play. He's Frank Underwood if Frank Underwood were really into Catholicism.
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If you loved mother!

Personal Shopper

We find ourselves in the mind of a frenzied woman Maureen (Kristen Stewart), whose brother has just died. As she navigates an increasingly rocky personal life, Maureen senses that her brother's spirit is still around, and she becomes unhinged.
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If you loved The Beguiled...

A Ghost Story

A ghost haunts a young widow (Rooney Mara) — and that ghost is probably her late husband, who is played by Casey Affleck. The trick to this ghost story is that the ghost is very much realized: Affleck wears a sheet over his head for the duration of the "ghost" sections, acting out a parody of what a ghost looks like. The ghost is upsetting, but also sweet, a cartoonish vision of what grief looks like.
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If you loved Game of Thrones...

The Deuce

David Simon's roving portrait of the early days of the porn industry was both slow — the action moved quietly and thoughtfully — and altogether too fast — i.e., James Franco played twins, and both of them were absurd. Maggie Gyllenhaal produced, and James Franco directed a few episodes. (Michelle MacLaren, the Game of Thrones director, helmed the pilot and the finale.) It has a cast of characters to rival the GoT cast, and it's twice as salacious, given that all the action takes place in seedy 1970s New York City. There are no White Walkers here, just people trying to figure out how to make a buck in Manhattan. Which, you know, might be harder than living in Westeros, depending on your perspective.
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If you loved American Vandal...

Big Mouth

Nick Kroll's Netflix series tackled puberty with puerile, animated humor. Which, now that we think about it, is the only way to tackle puberty at all. If adolescence is gross, then Big Mouth is grosser. Big Mouth gave us talking vaginas, bags full of furry dicks, and one unfortunate pillow filled with lentil soup. (The pillow had a less-than-savory purpose.) It also had a tampon singing "Everybody Bleeds" and a seemingly prescient reference to Garrison Keillor. Grody humor, it turns out, is exactly what the doctor ordered.
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If you loved Gossip Girl...

Dear White People

Few shows encapsulated the collegiate experience like Dear White People, the Netflix expansion of the 2014 movie of the same name. Like the film, the series focussed on students of color at a posh university. Each episode centered on a different student, allowing each character the room to grow and flourish. Come for the political commentary, stay for the interpersonal dynamics. (Raise your hand if you're still shipping Reggie and Janelle!)
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If you loved Stranger Things...


Netflix's first German original series was far more depressing than Stranger Things, which made it twice as interesting. This also made it twice as complicated — the story follows a town that sits atop an interdimensional wormhole. Instead of explaining away the mysterious happenstances with, uh, it's just a big sticky place called the Upside Down, the show used physics and the space-time continuum to make an argument for time travel.
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If you loved Narcos...


Women can handle the drug trade, too. Niecy Nash plays the owner of a nail salon in Florida who enjoys a profit from the underground economy. The show pairs the risky, high-adrenaline drug trade with the mundanity of a small business, and Nash reigns supreme over the show.
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If you loved Faces, Places...


Sometime, you just need to watch a cat do kitty things on TV. Kedi follows seven of Istanbul's savviest street cats in this documentary as they go about their daily lives — they preen, they mate, and they get friendly belly-rubs from strangers. All in a day's work for a street cat.
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If you loved Riverdale...


Created by Lee Daniels (The Butler, Empire), Star premiered in December of 2016 without making many waves despite being very solid television. The show depicts the makings of a pop girl group from inception to their rocky start. Queen Latifah stars as the godmother to the lead singer of the group, and Lenny Kravitz plays a jaded record producer.
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If you loved Lady Bird...


Zoe Lister-Jones wrote and directed this feature film about a couple that resolves to save their relationship by turning all of their arguments into songs. She and Adam Pally portray a couple. Lister-Jones notably made the film with an all-women crew.
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If you loved This Is Us...

The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor is a pancake, topped with sentimentality and dripping in melodrama. It's also surprisingly engaging. Freddie Highmore (of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fame) plays a young doctor with autism and savant syndrome who finds himself the star of his hospital, much to the surprise of the hospital's staff. Antonia Thomas of Lovesick and Misfits fame makes her way into the frame occasionally.
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