Google Is Here To Drag You For Your Valentine's Day-Related Searches

illustrated by Norah Stone.
It's Valentine's Day this Thursday, and naturally people across the country have got love on the brain.
Whether you've planned something lavish, are sitting this holiday out, are single and hanging out with friends, or have left your Valentine's Day plans until the very last minute, chances are you've looked to Google for guidance.
Satellite Internet created a map immortalizing all of the top Valentine's Day–related searches in each state in the U.S., and the results are pretty interesting.
Some of the searches are sweet and thoughtful, like "heart-shaped pizza" and "quotes about love." Others, like "free eCards" and "Trump Valentine," are a bit more concerning (and yet somehow still not the worst on the list).
Read on to learn what the top Valentine's Day search is in each state, and please, whatever you do, make sure not to get the person you've been eyeing a free eCard.
Alabama: Filet Mignon recipe
Alaska: Lobster recipe
Arizona: Venereal disease
Arkansas: Valentine’s Day Makeup
California: Friendship Day
Colorado: Russell Stover
Connecticut: Edible Arrangements
Delaware: eHarmony
Florida: Friendship Day
Georgia: Longhorn Steakhouse
Hawaii: Seafood near me
Idaho: Bumble
Illinois: Hooters
Indiana: Texas Roadhouse
Iowa: Texas Roadhouse
Kansas: Broken heart syndrome
Kentucky: Valentine’s Day deals
Louisiana: Hooters
Maine: The Bachelor
Maryland: Outback Menu
Massachusetts: Dirty Valentines
Michigan: heart-shaped pizza
Minnesota: Hallmark eCards
Mississippi: Quote about love
Missouri: Poetry
Montana: How to cook lobster tail
Nebraska: Free Valentine’s cards
Nevada: Brazilian blowout
New Hampshire: Lindt chocolate
New Jersey: Valentine's Day quotes
New Mexico: Red Lobster
New York: Edible Arrangements
North Carolina: Golden Corral prices
North Dakota: Free eCards
Ohio: Red Lobster
Oklahoma: Poetry
Oregon: Cheese fondue recipe
Pennsylvania: Edible Arrangements
Rhode Island: Steak & BJ Day
South Carolina: Poetry
South Dakota: Outback Menu
Tennessee: Venereal disease
Texas: Dirty Valentine’s poems
Utah: Brazilian waxing
Vermont: Ben & Jerry’s
Virginia: The Melting Pot
Washington: Chocolate shops
West Virginia: Trump Valentine
Wisconsin: Dirty Valentines
Wyoming: Tinder

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