The Internet's Reactions To Stormi's First Birthday May Be Bigger Than The Party Itself

Photo: Erik Voake/Getty Images.
Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s daughter, Stormi, has already outdone every birthday party we have ever had or will have, and she’s only one year old.
Baby Shark performed, which is how we found out Scott is a huge Baby Shark fan. We had a feeling that Stormi was way cooler than us when she joined her father on his tour for her first trip around the country. Now it’s 100% confirmed.
The extravaganza known as StormiWorld – based on Scott’s album and tour AstroWorld – went down Saturday night. One look through Jenner’s Instagram Stories, and your eyes will be filled with larger than life recreations of her daughter’s likeness, carnival rides, a gift shop, and wall of giant bears — extravaganza doesn’t seem like a big enough word to describe it. Stormi is barely one and she already has been gifted her first Chanel bag.
Where my words have left me, Twitter is here with ample commentary and memes to match.
Many people observing the party from afar on Instagram were blown away by the sheer scale of the celebrations. Are we really surprised though? Jenner got her daughter a mini Louis Vuitton-wrapped Lamborghini for Christmas.
Others are convinced the party cost more than the collective total of their student loans, and unless they have loans from multiple degrees, they might be right.
Stormi’s Chanel bag, given to her by none other than DJ Khaled, was quite the conversation starter on Twitter as well.
The internet is an interesting and complicated place. One moment, you’re sharing funny memes or poring over and fascinating long read. The next moment, you’re genuinely questioning if you’re jealous of a one-year-old’s birthday. It’s only Sunday morning and I, along with the entirety of Twitter, have already been on such an emotional journey this week.
If this is Stormi’s first birthday, imagine what her parties will look like when she will actually remember them.

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