From Fake-Woke Ads To Adam Levine, This Is Your Ultimate Super Bowl Drinking Game

Photographed by Jenna Gang.
We're not trying to stereotype you here (seriously, we're not!), but if you're anything like me, I'm guessing your interest in the Super Bowl mostly boils down to its pop cultural relevance — i.e., what goes down during commercial breaks and the half time show. Oh, and the food. Definitely the food. Super Bowl Party Food may be second only to Thanksgiving Food in its ability to soothe and delight us.
But since, for the most part, in order to partake in the consumption of said food (and also know what the hell everyone is talking about on Slack the next day), you have to at least have the "big game" on in the background, we've devised a Super Bowl drinking game to make things a little more interesting. Whether you're watching with a large group of rowdy friends or alone on your couch, we promise this will amp things up and keep you engaged for the whole 4+ hour affair.
But before we get to when, exactly, you'll be imbibing, a disclaimer: We don't know your body or your alcohol tolerance, or what the night has in store, so please drink carefully and adjust the rules as needed. After all, it's a Sunday night, and a bunch of dudes grunting and body-slamming each other on a field is no reason to go into the new week with a hangover.

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