These Are The Most Wholesome & Hilarious Marie Kondo Memes On The Internet

Photo: Gary Gershoff/WireImage.
Since Tidying Up With Marie Kondo began streaming on Netflix at the start of the month, many of our homes have become less cluttered with junk and most of our social media feeds have gotten more cluttered with Marie Kondo memes. Unlike the mountain of ill-fitting clothing, stacks of books we're never going to read, and piles of documents we won't be able to find when we inevitably need them down the road, the meme clutter on our timelines is actually sparking joy.
Tidying Up With Marie Kondo has inspired so many memes, some savage, some wholesome, and all downright hilarious. Many illustrate people's indignant reactions to the idea of ridding their homes of the worthless junk they, for some reason, have formed attachments to, while others express gratitude to Kondo for inspiring them to clean up their acts. Then there are those KonMari memes that have almost nothing to do with the show, and simply make us laugh.
Just like we did with our closets over the weekend, we sorted through many Marie Kondo memes circulating around the internet, chose a few of our favorites, and organized them into designated sections so we can enjoy them more easily. Take a look below.

KonMari Skeptic Memes:

Pop Culture Mashup Memes:

Hyperbolic KonMari Memes:

The "Only Keep What Sparks Joy" Memes:

The Post-KonMari Lit Thrift Store Memes:

The Marie Kondo Relationship Advice Meme:

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