Marie Kondo Shows Us How To Fold Everything (Yes, Even A Fitted Sheet)

produced by Christina Dun; edited by Christina Dun; appearance by Marie Kondo.
Marie Kondo is good at many things: tidying up (duh), convincing others of the life-changing magic of tidying up (double duh), and spreading her brand of pure, serene joy to all that she touches. But, we think her most underrated talent is folding. The act makes up a relatively small part of her KonMari method — which, for the uninitiated, encourages participants to rethink their approach to the objects they live with, often tossing many to the curb — but it is an essential one nonetheless.
Kondo’s new show, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, debuted on Netflix on January 1, which means that if it’s been a couple years since you read her book, you’re probably due for a refresher in all things KonMari. Thankfully, this time, you can get it by watching other people do the hard work of cleaning, sorting, and discarding.
In an effort to see if Refinery29 could stump the reigning queen of folding, we brought her the items that most often leave us scratching our heads before stuffing them artlessly into drawers, a move we know Kondo would most certainly disapprove of. From bras and socks to a fitted sheet, a trendy boilersuit, and even a hot pink PVC jacket, Kondo totally held her own against even the trickiest of items. If you’re looking for a crash course on how to properly store your stuff (whatever you didn’t throw out after binge-watching Tidying Up last weekend, that is), look no further than this tutorial.

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