The World Is So Thirsty For Kate & Pippa Middleton's Younger Brother

Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage.
Ready your Instagram, royals enthusiasts — there’s a new royal (well, royals-adjacent person) to add to your feed.
James Middleton, the 31-year-old younger brother of Kate and Pippa, just made his Instagram public. This allows the casual Instagram user who may not know anyone in the Middleton family personally (so, you know, most of us) to peruse his Instagram, all the way back to his first post in 2013. Doing so, one can find out some important things about Middleton, such as which celebrity he most resembles (Jude Law, with more of a “young Dumbledore” vibe than a Young Pope one, though arguments could be made for both components of Law’s canon) and what the youngest Middleton does for a living (run a personalized marshmallow and greeting card company called Boomf).
It is also possible to use Middleton’s Instagram to see him doing a number of highly endearing activities, most of which include animals. His most recent post, on December 31, is a tribute to one of his dogs, Ella, who recently became a therapy pet. (On Friday, he penned an op-ed in The Daily Mail about his struggle with depression.)
In another, he poses with five cocker spaniels in a flat-brim cap in front of a landscape that could conceivably be used as the backdrop for the next Wuthering Heights movie.
The man appears to love a rustic selfie and, as such, Middleton is also pictured holding a lamb, rooster, and a freshly-caught fish.
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Impromptu Lambing 🐑

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While it is surely tempting to use his newly-public Instagram as an excuse for a DM slide, it may be helpful to know that Middleton is not single. According to People, he is dating Alizee Thevenet, a French financial analyst who lives in London.
But, hey — can’t hurt to scroll through his feed a few times anyway, right? You know, for the dog pics.

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