We Tried Pancake Bread, Trader Joe's Innovative New Breakfast Food

Photographed by Kara Birnbaum.
Trader Joe's is pretty good at taking foods that we already love and turning them into even more delicious snacks. The grocery chain has turned cookies into butter, Yule Logs into ice cream, and French onion soup into bite-size dough-wrapped appetizers. Because of its great success with multiple mutant products, we had high hopes when we recently learned the grocery chain had introduced a new treat called Pancake Bread.
We first heard about Pancake Bread from an Instagram picture posted yesterday by the snack fan account @junkbanter, and immediately went to our nearest TJ's to track down this mashup of a breakfast food. Luckily, we were able to find a whole stack of Pancake Bread loaves in the bakery section of the first Trader Joe's location we visited, and upon leaving, the cashier raved to us about the "innovative" new culinary creation. We, however, were reserving judgment.
Turns out, the cashier was correct. Trader Joe's new Pancake Bread truly is the perfect marriage of two delicious breakfast foods. It's half crumbly coffee cake and half fluffy buttermilk pancakes slathered in rich maple syrup. It tastes like a syrup-drenched pancake in a dense, moist, easy to eat package.
With this product, we'll now be able to enjoy our favorite weekend brunch staple, even on weekdays when we've overslept and have no time to cook even a quick breakfast. You can eat it sliced up, heated, and with the addition whipped cream and berries, or you can simply grab a fork and enjoy generous bites straight out of the cardboard loaf pan. It looks like Trader Joe's food-blending reputation can continue untarnished.

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