Trader Joe's Shoppers On Their Favorite Grocery Buys Of 2018

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo.
Loyal Trader Joe's shoppers know that the chain is constantly rolling out new products. That was definitely true this year. How many did TJ's introduce in 2018? Well, it's hard to say exactly, but in November alone, the grocery chain announced 14 different food and drink products on the "What's New"section of its website. If that's the standard for the company, it likely launched around 168 food products this year — although, we know for a fact TJ's doesn't highlight every single new item so the number is probably even higher.
With so many innovative 2018 additions, we may have missed a few game-changing grocery buys. To compensate, we asked millennial women from around the country which new Trader Joe's snacks, ingredients, and meals were their favorites this year. Ahead, you'll find those products, explanations for why these TJ's shoppers are so wild about them, and suggestions for how to use them in your own kitchen.

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