These New Wellness Products Will Be Everything In 2019

For many, the new year brings the temptation to shake up our wellness habits and routines. New Year's resolutions have no doubt been flooding your social media feed with people promising to exercise regularly, get more sleep and live an overall better life. Whether you want to follow their suggestions or pave your own path, we've found seven items that might help you reach whatever goals you set for yourself this year.
Most of these items have one thing in common — they feature fancy new technology. Smart, well, everything is here for 2019. And, we're not experts, but we think this means that your Alexa can tell your Google Home all of your wellness habits, and your Nest can regulate your house temperature while your fridge orders your dinner. Or something like that.
At the end of the day, knowledge is power and the more we know about our body and what makes it happy and sad, the better we can treat ourselves. Each of the following products promise to help you do just that — whether it be through a better night's sleep, healthier eating, futuristic workouts or hormone testing.
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