We Finally Know More About Kaia Gerber's Ribcage Tattoo

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Update: Back in December, model Kaia Gerber posted a poolside photo to her Instagram with some fresh ink on her ribcage. The problem? You couldn't make out all the details. But nearly three months later, Gerber's go-to celebrity tattoo artist, JonBoy, finally posted a close-up of the tat on Instagram, revealing that the mysterious ink is actually an angel, with a face in profile surrounded by wings. No word yet on the real meaning behind this tattoo, but it's safe to say that Gerber's got some kind of angel in her life.
This post was originally published on December 27, 2018.
With another nine months to go before her 18th birthday, Kaia Gerber is already a teeny-tiny tattoo connoisseur. In October, the 17-year-old model showed off a minimalist tattoo that reads "Jordan," her middle name, on her inner arm. Days later, fans spotted an outline of a miniature spaceship on her inner thigh. And in November, celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy posted a photo of Gerber's wrist with "I know" scrawled in cursive across the side.
Now, Gerber appears to be showing off her fourth new tattoo — that we know of, at least. In a photo Gerber posted to her Instagram on Wednesday, you can see her chilling poolside in a bucket hat and bikini (consider us envious) with some fresh ink on her ribcage.
While Gerber clearly favors dainty designs, this tattoo appears to be her biggest yet — even though we have yet to figure out what it is exactly. Is that an angel wing? A side-view of an open clam? A dragon? A bird? Instagram's zoom feature continues to fail us. What we do know is that Gerber — who is still under the legal age limit to get a tattoo in most states — would likely need the approval of one of her famous parents, Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, to get inked. (Technically, California law prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from getting a tattoo, regardless of parental consent.)
While the design (and meaning) of the tattoo remains a mystery for now, it could very well be in honor of another family member. Back in February, her brother, Presley Gerber, got "Kaia" tattooed onto his arm. With a love for tattoos clearly running in the family, perhaps this new ink is an ode to him in return.

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