CommentsByCelebs Break Down The Best Celeb Comments Of 2018

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In 2018, there were three ways to keep up with celebrities: IRL, online, and in online comments. The latter is probably the most exciting way to see what our favorite stars are up to, because it's almost feels as intimate as bumping into them on the street. Online comments are a peek into their brains, they're what celebs really think when they think no one is watching — but luckily, CommentsByCelebs is. Started by Emma Diamond and Julie Kramer in April of 2017, the Instagram account is celebrating its first full calendar year, bringing us the celebrity comments on the platform we otherwise would have missed.
"We’ve just had a lot of fun highlighting the more relatable side of celebrities," Diamond told Refinery29 about this year in celebrity comments. "It’s strange, we sometimes feel as if we have a totally new understanding of these people’s personalities, solely based on their Instagram interactions. Thank you, Hollywood, for allowing us all a peek into your lives."
But of course, there are always standouts. While every celebrity Instagram comment sheds a new and often iconic light on the person, there were some from 2018 that really packed a punch, and Diamond and Kramer had no problem picking ten of the most memorable.
"Humor is typically the best performing comment. People love to laugh, so it’s always fun when a celebrity showcases their witty and less serious side," Diamond continued. "That being said, we’d be lying if we said we don’t looove a good clapback."
Jokes, clapbacks, and just downright weird — ahead are CommentsByCelebs top 10 celebrity comments from 2018.

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