Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Star & The "Floss" Kid Are Suing Fortnite Over Viral Dances

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"Battle royale" video game Fortnite has cemented its place in the culture, but that doesn't mean everyone is trying to be the last person standing. In fact, some stars want Fortnite to take several seats — and give them what they believe they are due.
According to CNN, Alfonso Ribeiro — best known as polo and khaki-adoring rich kid Carlton Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air — has sued the makers of Fortnite. The reason? Ribeiro alleges that Fortnite has ripped off "The Carlton," aka the dance that we've all been performing ironically since the '90s.
The lawsuit, filed on Monday, is against Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite. Ribeiro alleges the company profited off his "protected creative expression" by showing characters in the video game performing The Carlton. (Ribeiro is reportedly in the process of copyrighting said dance.)
Fans have long pointed out that the "Fresh" emote in Fortnite bears a strong resemblance to The Carlton. Check out the video below:
In addition to suing Epic Games, Ribeiro is also suing Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., creator of the NBA 2K series, whom he alleges has also borrowed from The Carlton unjustly.
But! This isn't the only celebrity suing Fortnite. Remember Backpack Kid, aka Russell Horning, aka the 16-year-old behind viral dance "The Floss"? According to TMZ, he is also suing the makers of Fortnite. His mother, who is suing on Horning's behalf, alleges that players are able to make their own characters perform Backpack Kid's signature viral dance using the "Floss" emote.
Check out the comparison below:
The lawsuits make one wonder about the ownership of performances that go viral, especially when the performer has yet to officially copyright their own movements. Does The Carlton and The Floss belong to the first person to rock those particular moves... or do the dances belong now to all of us?
Guess we'll have to see what the courts decide.
Refinery29 has reached out to representatives for Horning and Ribeiro, as well as Epic Games, for comment.

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