Khloe Kardashian Is Now Platinum Blonde — & We Got The Details From Her Colorist

Keeping up with Kardashian family's hair colors is almost tougher than keeping up with their televised lives. Between Kim and Kylie alone, the sisters have worn damn near every shade of the rainbow on their heads this year — including pastel pink and neon green. But Khloe Kardashian has always taken a more subtle approach to hair color. She’s switched up her length plenty of times, rocking a bob most recently, but her color has stayed the same — golden blonde with shadowed roots — until now.
In her most recent Instagram flick, Kardashian revealed icy, platinum blonde hair that could give Princess Elsa a run for her money.
Redken Celebrity Colorist, Tracey Cunningham, was responsible for the reality star's transformation, which she called a "last-minute hair idea" on Instagram. According to Cunningham, despite her famous client's hair being bleached already, the process still took four hours to complete. "The time it takes to go platinum will depend on the starting level and condition of your hair," she tells Refinery29.
To transform Kardashian's hair, Cunningham mixed Redken Flash Lift with Olaplex to highlight all the brunette pieces without compromising the strength of her strands. "When going platinum, it’s so important that your colorist uses a bonder in the bleach or lightener to ensure that breakage and damage done is minimal," she says.
The journey to platinum perfection doesn't stop there — at least not when you're in Cunningham's chair. She then created a cocktail of clear gloss and Redken Shades EQ in Onyx (a deep blue color) to counteract the yellow tones in Kardashian's hair post-bleach. "When using this technique, I apply the gloss at the [shampoo] bowl and quickly rinse it off," she says. "Leaving that gloss on for too long can turn platinum hair gray."
Even though icy shades of blonde (like Kardashian's) are totally on trend for winter, it comes with its fair share of work, which is one reason the reality star still has some brown roots peeking through. "Khloe specifically asked for a bit of her natural root to show through to ease the maintenance process," Cunningham tells us. Goes to show that not even Kardashian (who has access to the best stylists in the world) is above stretching time between root touch-up appointments.

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