Kylie Jenner Used $16 Hair Dye To Go From Blonde To Pink

Over the past few months alone, Kylie Jenner's hair has been super short, super long, super super long, green, platinum blonde, and now... it's pink.
Debuting the new hair color on her Instagram, Kylie dyed her blonde hair a pretty pastel pink, courtesy of frequent hair collaborator Chris Appleton.
"It was a collaboration," Appleton tells Refinery29. "We were speaking about different colors and decided to go with a frosted pink with more of a candy tint to it."
And according to Appleton they did it on the cheap, using hair dyes that only costs $16.
Appleton says that he mixed together two different semi-permanent Lime Crime Unicorn Hair TintsKawaii, a light violent, and Bunny, a pastel baby pink — to get Kylie's perfect shade. Then he muted the color a bit with Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Mixer in Dilute, which will also run you $16. (All of these colors, it should be noted, are vegan and 100% cruelty-free.)
"The great thing about going blonde is that you can easily add a sparkle of color to change it up," Appleton says. "I love this shade of pink we did because it’s warm on the skin, but more importantly, this shade is super frosted, soft, and versatile. Even though we went pink, we didn’t want to drown out the blonde. This shade allowed us to keep the blondeness of the base.”
After swatching the custom color out on a white paper towel to really see the shade (that's a tip of his), he used Olaplex during the 45-minute color process to keep the hair strong, and then Color Wow’s Kale Cocktail ($24) to reinforce the bonds of the hair before finally layering on Color Wow’s Dream Coat ($28) to give the straight style an extra glossy finish. (Appleton is an ambassador for both Olaplex and Color Wow.)
As for Kylie's reaction to the completed look, Appleton says, "Loved it! Who doesn’t love pink!”

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