Everything We Know About Lala Kent's Vanderpump Rules Man, Randall Emmett

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Lala Kent ushered in a brand new era of Vanderpump Rules during the Monday night season 7 premiere. In “A Decent Proposal,” Lala Kent announced she and “her man,” the long mythologized wealthy gentleman known for buying the SUR hostess luxury cars and other pricey treats, are living their most public lives at last. “Now that his divorce has been finalized, we’re out there, we’re open, and I can finally say what his name is,” the 28-year-old giggles in a confessional interview.
“It’s Randall!”
Yes, Lala Kent’s man is Randall Emmett. At the time of filming VPR season 7, Kent was dating Emmett. At this moment in time, she is engaged to Emmett. My, my, my how far we’ve come from Kent denying Emmett even exists.
Now that Kent's relationship is out in the open, we can finally get to the bottom of who Emmett actually is. Keep reading for a deep dive into everything you would want to know about the recently divorced Hollywood producer, from his age to his unexpected rumored connection to an HBO classic.
Since we’ve only known Emmett’s as Lala Kent’s “man” for years, do you have one single biographical detail beyond that now?
There are so many. Emmett is 47 years old and the father of two young daughters.
He is a legitimately successful movie producer, who is behind movies like 2 Guns starring Mark Wahlberg, Lone Survivor starring Mark Wahlberg, and Broken City, also starring Mark Wahlberg. Emmett also produces projects that don’t include Mark Wahlberg, like Starz’ very successful Power and historic trainwreck Gotti.
So you’re saying Emmett really loves Mark Wahlberg?
Definitely. After all, Emmett was once Wahlberg’s actual personal assistant after they met through a mutual friend. Never forget Lala Kent’s future husband used to be Mark Wahlberg’s assistant.
Emmett himself has said Wahlberg created iconic bro comedy Entourage about their experience coming up in Hollywood together. This is why Emmett has been called the real-life Turtle (played by Jerry Ferrara in the show and movie, which yes, did happen). For those of you who skipped anything and everything Entourage, Turtle was main character and heartthrob Vince’s (Adrian Grenier) personal assistant.
Does Emmett have anything other cool celebrity friends?
As of December 2018, the producer’s Instagram profile picture stars 50 Cent as a reminder of Emmett’s Power connection. Kent also often brings up the fact her man is close pals with Oscar-winning director and Vanderpump Rules superfan Martin Scorsese.
Kent also ended up playing poker with Khloé Kardashian after Emmett taught her the ropes of the card game (evidence below).
Speaking of relationships, what actually happened between Emmett and his ex-wife.
Randall Emmett married actress Ambyr Childers in 2009. Childers, 30, is just two years older than Lala Kent, 28. She starred in soap All My Children for years and and then popped up in Emmett projects like Bruce Willis-starring Vice, 50 Cent-starring Freelancers, and Willis-50 Cent-starring Setup.
More recently, Childers appeared in 9 episodes of Ray Donovan and played You’s Candace, the first girlfriend antihero Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) murdered.
Emmett and Childers originally separated in 2015 and then again in 2016, E! News reports. The estranged couple reportedly officially filed for divorce in January 2017, but were spotted kissing at a FabFitFun event — what else could it be? — in early December 2017. However, 15 days later on December 22, the Emmett-Childers divorce was finalized.
How did Emmett meet Kent amid all of this drama?
As Kent told Cosmopolitan recently, the producer visited SUR and immediately became interested in Kent. “How crazy is that?! He came in for a Christmas dinner and sent his assistant up to me and asked me if he could get my manager’s contact info because he wanted me in a film,” the Vanderpump Rules star said (Kent would go on to star in two Emmett films, 2018's The Row and upcoming project 10 Minutes Gone). She and her “Daddy husband,” as she calls him, had an instant connection.
It is likely this initial encounter occurred during 2015, when Emmett had first separated from his wife, since the rumor of Kent dating a “married man” dominated VPR season 5. That season first aired in 2016. Traditionally, a Pump Rules season follows the spring to into summer drama of that year for the crew, so, Kent probably met Emmett during the holidays prior to filming.
How do Kent and Childers get along?
It’s unclear how the two most important women in Emmett’s life currently feel about each other, but, they have been known to feud.
But how do Emmett and the Vanderpump cast get along?
Famously. Kent and Emmett recently went on a Mexican vacation with fellow affianced couple Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor. The trip was Kent and Emmett’s engagement gift, as she told Cosmo.
“We had the best time. They’re like, the funnest couple,” Kent gushed about the formerly controversial duo. “So yeah, I have total faith.”
Faith. Hm.
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