The Best Way To Stalk The Vanderpump Rules Season 7 Cast On Instagram

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo.
The Vanderpump Rules cast has officially made it. They star in lengthy Vogue feature stories. They get Instagram love from Rihanna. They count Oscar-winner Martin Scorsese as a fan.
It only took about six seasons, right?
Now, the Bravo reality series is primed for the start of its seventh season, which premieres Monday, December 3. As usual, the Pump Rules crew will be massive. Not only does the official cast list feature 12 regular members, but you also have to count all the love interests, newbies, and general SURvers who exist in the show’s orbit — and their lengthy histories together.
So we decided to make this complicated series very easy for you. Since the Vanderpump cast lives on Instagram, we crafted a helpful guide to season 7, all built around the group’s social media presence. Keep reading to find out where to follow the reality stars, what their actual jobs are (other than “reality star,” of course), and what to expect for them in season 7.
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Lisa Vanderpump

Instagram handle: @LisaVanderpump

Actual job: Restaurateur, animal philanthropist, and Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star (for now)

The world may be wondering if Vanderpump is leaving her perch as RHOBH queen bee. But, she’s never leaving Vanderpump Rules. Just look at the series’ name.

In season 7, Lisa will only expand her Rules-friendly empire with the opening of TomTom, her much-talked about West Hollywood restaurant partnership with stars Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval.
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Stassi Schroeder

Instagram handle: @stassischroeder

Actual job: Podcast host, national #OOTD Day creator, and, now, author

Is this the best place Stassi Schroeder has ever been in her life? Her friends are stable, new career opportunities seem to fall from the sky daily, and she finally broke up with walking man bun and sexual harasser Patrick Meagher.

Get ready to meet her very smitten new beau, Beau Clark.
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A post shared by Brittany Cartwright💋 (@brittany) on

Brittany Cartwright

Instagram handle: @Brittany (Yes, she really did manage to wrangle the covetable @Brittany Instagram handle.)

Actual job: SUR employee, spon-con sharer, and sometimes-SURver

Brittany Cartwright is the undeniable sweetheart of Vanderpump Rules. Now we’ll all be able to watch her fairytale engagement unfold, no matter how we feel about her — formerly? — beastly prince.
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Lala Kent

Instagram handle: @lalakent

Actual job: Makeup mogul, actress, and SUR hostess

Remember the days when Lala Kent wouldn’t even entertain questions about her mysterious Man and the origin of her luxury vehicles? Well, they’re over.

Kent is engaged and very public with her Man, whose actual name is Randall Emmett. Welcome to a whole new world for Vanderpump season 7.
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I thought I was your snackpack

A post shared by Tom Schwartz (@twschwa) on

Tom Schwartz

Instagram handle: @twschwa

Actual job: Minority shareholder in TomTom restaurant and adorable boy

Is it finally time for Tom Schwartz, business “owner,” husband, man in his mid-to-late 30s, to grow up? We’ll have to wait and see.
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Friend Duo @bootsy #bootsy #coachella #pumprules

A post shared by Tom Sandoval (@tomsandoval1) on

Tom Sandoval

Instagram handle: @tomsandoval1 (Who scored just @tomsandoval? We’ll never know.)

Actual job: Minority shareholder in TomTom restaurant and human canary

Schwartzy and wife Katie Maloney have been married for over two years. Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are engaged. Lala Kent and Randall Emmett are engaged.

All of this marriage mania might be a power-keg waiting to explode for Tom Sandoval and long-term girlfriend Ariana Madix, who has been swerving Sandoval's wedding chatter for years.

At least they have New Year’s Eve in St. Louis to look forward to.
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Katie Maloney-Schwartz

Instagram handle: @Musickillskate

Actual job: Lifestyle and beauty blogger, sometimes-SURver

While we’re all hoping Tom Schwartz can overcome his Peter Pan syndrome, we know Katie Maloney-Schwartz has put her darkest days behind her. As all of Vanderpump Rules season 6, along with the season 7 trailer, suggests, Tequila Katie has been banished.

In her place, shockingly, might just be Katie Maloney-Schwartz: Voice Of Reason.
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Ginza always wins 👑

A post shared by 🌙 Ariana Madix 🌙 (@ariana252525) on

Ariana Madix

Instagram handle: @ariana252525

Actual job: Actress, equestrian, and sometimes-SURver

Another Vanderpump Rules season, another season of Ariana Madix being irritated with something Sandoval did.
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Final looks! Prince Puff💙

A post shared by James Kennedy (@itsjameskennedy) on

DJ James Kennedy

Instagram handle: itsjameskennedy

Actual job: DJ. “London gangsta,” according to Instagram.

Vanderpump Rules needs a villain, and with Jax Taylor being busy trying to convince Brittany Cartwright he’s husband material, a new one must rise.

So enter DJ James Kennedy, he of “It’s not about the pasta,” See You Next Tuesday-hosting fame. Kennedy was made for this.
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Raquel Leviss

Instagram handle: @raquelleviss

Actual job: We’re just going to quote Rachel Veviss’ Instagram bio, because no one can describe her better: “Stay at home doodle mom. PEAK Models and Talent. Future pediatric occupational therapist.” Also, person who doesn’t get to eat the pasta.

DJ James Kennedy’s girlfriend Raquel Leviss is a rising Vanderpump Rules star. She isn’t on the official cast page, but she did make it into the all-important group photo for the season 7 title sequence and has two of the best lines of the trailer: “Do you think I’m stupid?” and “Stop. Clapping. In. My. Face.”

Leviss is the one to watch this season.
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Billie Lee

Instagram handle: @itsmebillielee

Actual job: Blogger, transgender activist, and SUR hostess

Getting to know queer activist Billie Lee was one of the best surprises of Vanderpump Rules season 6. Let’s hope she gets even more screen time this season.
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Kristen Doute

Instagram handle: @kristendoute

Actual job: Graphic tee mogul

Advise, “Crazy Kristen” is back according to Bravo. Good luck to us all.
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🤗 @spottmeagram

A post shared by Scheana (@scheana) on

Scheana Marie

Instagram handle: @scheana

Actual job: Podcast host, Sex Tips star à la Sonja Morgan, and sometimes-SURver

Scheana and Robert Valletta have broken up. Please prepare to repeatedly hear how quickly Scheana's rumored new love interest Adam Spott can hang a TV.
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TomTom Restaurant & Bar

Instagram handle: @TomTom

Actual job: To be a sexy, unique restaurant in its own right

For Sex And The City, New York City acted as the fifth character of the iconic HBO comedy. TomTom is the same for Vanderpump Rules, only with far more steampunk accessories and pictures of the Toms kissing.

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