Serious Question: Should We All Start Watching Vanderpump Rules Because Of Rihanna?

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When Rihanna speaks, we listen. And when Rihanna reveals that her favorite television show is Vanderpump Rules, we... still listen?
Last night on Instagram, the Fenty beauty queen shared a clip from Bravo's guiltiest pleasure, a spinoff of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills focusing on Lisa Vanderpump's popular restaurant and bar SUR, Vanderpump Rules. Often referred to as just "Pump Rules," the show has been airing since 2013 and features a tanned and contoured crew of bartenders, hostesses, and waiters who work at Vanderpump's West Hollywood hang out. It also, according to Rihanna, features "the best clip on tv." A woman of knowledge, she also knows to give a special shout out the editing crew who she considers her "besties." Knowing this extremely important information about Rihanna makes one wonder: Should we all be watching Vanderpump Rules? Is that the secret to being more like Rihanna?
Now I personally have watched the show here and there throughout the years, and have even eaten at the IRL restaurant (which... don't), but it wasn't until this season that I noticed the show popping up everywhere, and quietly cementing itself as The Craziest Show On TV. First there was the pasta-gate, where two of the cast members (Lala Kent and James Kennedy) had the most insane fight about "pasta" (read: drugs). Then there was the feud between Kent and Jennifer Lawrence. The next week, Kent, again, revealed that she relaxes at the end of a long hard day by sucking on a... baby bottle in bed.
Upon watching the episode that Rihanna is basically nominating for an Emmy (season 6, episode 17, "The Smoking Gun"), the gang is in Mexico getting drunk and causing chaos. The series impressively checks a bunch of boxes: it's Shakespearean, it's gimmicky, and it's surprisingly critically-praised.
So, yes, we should all watch Vanderpump Rules if we don't already. Rihanna is always right.
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