11 Ways To Give Timothée Chalamet For Christmas

Illustration by Louisa Cannell
It's fully December, which means you're getting down to the wire with holiday shopping so here's a great life hack: Pick a gift theme, and stick to it. Maybe it's wellness gifts, or tech ones. Or...Timothée Chalamet. Yes, this is possible. And no, you don't have to kidnap him.
This may come as a surprise to some, but there's quite a large market for Chalamet-inspired memorabilia. The 22-year-old actor has just had that kind of impact on pop culture. It's safe to assume that within every friend group lurks a Timmy stan —  or maybe your entire friend group revolves around Chalamania. Either way, I've been in close contact with Mr. Claus and Mr. Chalamet himself (I haven't) to create the ultimate guide to giving Chalamet for Christmas. The world deserves it. (And so do I, which is why this is my personal Christmas list. Family, friends — take note.)
Ahead, 11 gifts inspired by the mind, movies, and ever-changing mane of Timothée Chalamet.

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