5 Things We Learned From Kylie Jenner's Astroworld Vlogs

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Every morning I wake up and refresh Kylie Jenner's YouTube page in hopes that the vlog she teased over the summer has finally arrived, and then go to Twitter to complain when it inevitably has not. If Shane Dawson's Jake Paul documentary has taught us anything, it's that vlogging is the future, but Jenner was taking her sweet time to get on board — until now.
On Thursday night, not one but two vlogs dropped on her page, and listen, I'm impressed! It looks like she finally figured out iMovie and went to town. I know it's not surprising that someone who has grown up in front of cameras knows how to document her life, but these vlogs (part 1 and 2 of boyfriend Travis Scott's Astroworld NYC stop) aren't stylized or over-hyped. Instead, Jenner gives us a genuine, laid-back look into what her life is like on the road with Scott and daughter Stormi. She takes us into her daily routine, backstage in Madison Square Garden, and even on stage in a roller coaster.
How did we manage to learn more about Jenner's life in two short vlogs than an entire episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Is she my new best friend? If she isn't, then how would I now know all of this:

Jenner & Scott get two hotel rooms.

While showing viewers her makeup routine back in her New York City hotel room, Jenner explains that she and her BF get two hotel rooms: one for them, and one for Jenner's clothes.

Stormi gets her own backstage room on tour.

Not Jenner — Stormi. Marked with a cloud illustration, Stormi's room has two couches, snacks, and a bunch of toys.

Stormi is learning how to stand.

"You're standing all on your own!" Jenner cries as Stormi holds herself up using a bag of her toys backstage. "Don't grow up!" (Stormi is also learning how to say "lip kit.")

Stormi watches Scott perform until she goes to sleep.

When she's finished flinging her shoes around and standing up and down, Stormi apparently watches her dad perform on screen (safe backstage from the loud noise of the crowd) and nods off.

Even Kylie Jenner's vlog comes with a cameraman.

Jenner knows that a traditional vlog is all about holding up a camera and talking to it, but she also knows this cardinal rule: If you have the resources to enlist a second person to film you, you do that. The vlog cuts between shots of the lip kit creator talking to a camera — at one point from the top of a roller coaster on stage — to shots from an additional camera-person filming the scenes from the crowd. In another part of the vlog, the clips jump from Jenner out and about in the hotel, to her backstage.
Watch the two vlogs below!

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