Here's Everything We've Learned So Far Watching Shane Dawson's Jake Paul Documentary

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Shane Dawson has broken the internet. Again. After the success of his three-part documentary about TanaCon, he announced that his next deep-dive would be into YouTube sensation Jake Paul, the controversial younger brother of other controversial YouTuber, Logan Paul. Now, the eight-part series, The Mind Of Jake Paul, has come to an end. Dawson, a longtime YouTuber himself, took an extensive look at Paul not only through videos and accounts from those close to him, but through multiple interviews with the star himself. It's without a doubt the most raw, frank look at the world of YouTube celebrity out there, and it cleared up a lot of questions people have had about Paul, Team 10, and all the drama these past few years. If you're all caught up, or haven't even started the series but want to dive in, here's a breakdown of what exactly is going on and why people are so obsessed with the documentary.

First, who is Jake Paul?

Jake Paul, as mentioned earlier, is a 21-year-old YouTube sensation with over 17 million subscribers. He gained this following from his daily vlogs and rap tracks. Both document the antics of his daily life, which got more and more ludicrous as the years went on, and the antics of his group Team 10 (more on that here). They all live together in a house.
Paul become the subject of public ire after an interview in which he dismissed the noise complaints of his neighbors and climbed a news van. "Like, yes, we had a furniture fire get out of control in our backyard one time," Paul told THR in 2017, explaining himself, "but that didn't harm a single person."

Who is Shane Dawson?

Shane Dawson is a 30-year-old YouTuber who has been on the platform since 2005 and has almost 18 million subscribers. During his 13 years on YouTube he’s gone from being a sketch comedian and vlogger to a YouTube authority, making videos examining internet sensations and YouTube culture. His TanaCon documentary solidified his position as a YouTube figurehead, but he made a similar series about Jeffree Star and Graveyard Girl, two other influencers.

What is the documentary about?

It’s about Jake Paul, obviously, but more specifically it's a look into how he became the person he is. The documentary wants to know: Is that person a sociopath? Dawson interviews both friends and enemies of Paul, a therapist, and eventually Paul himself to get to the bottom of how he became one of the most controversial people on YouTube, and why.

How far along are we?

It's over! The final episode dropped on Thursday and garnered over ten million views in 24 hours.

How are people reacting?

After the trailer for the series dropped, the internet lost its damn mind., and the fervor hasn't slowed down. Right now, the first two episodes have around 20 million views each. The other all have over 10 million each, some as high as 17 million. For reference, Jake Paul's most recent upload has only 3.8 million views. The documentary has also drawn some criticism for the way it treats mental illness, specifically sociopathy.

What are the big things we've learned?

One of the first bombshells came from former Team 10 member Nick Crompton, who admitted that some of the Team's absurd antics that have drawn criticism from viewers are actually staged and pre-planned. However, Paul’s relationships are not fake, the doc insists. He really is dating Erika Costell, another YouTuber. She's pretty much Jake's only genuine support system.
We also know that there’s always been a huge rivalry between Jake and Logan — and yes, Logan really did hook up with Jake’s ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet, a 22-year-old singer. Well, "ex-girlfriend" in quotes. In the penultimate episode of the series, Dawson has a candid conversation with Violet who admits that while #Jalissa wasn't real, she and Jake Paul were hooking up on the regular. She claims her sexual encounter with Logan happened on a drunken night, and later Jake tells Dawson that Violet wanted to hurt him the way he hurt her. Once he found out, Jake gave Violet 30 days to move out. When she didn't, he kicked her out — but knew she had places to go, and even offered to buy her an AirBnB.
"It was the most alone I had ever felt in my life," he told Dawson.
Speaking of Logan, that suicide forest video. Jake was equally affected by the backlash, and said he lost several big-figure brand deals because of his association with his brother, despite the fact that Jake was hesitant about Logan uploading the video.
The doc also suggested that the Paul's father has caused some major tension in the house, and may have been the reason Crompton left. The series ends with Dawson stressing that Jake needed to separate his family from his work.
Get started on the series below!

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