This Jake Paul Documentary May Break The Internet

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.
We kicked off 2018 with YouTuber Logan Paul on the chopping block, but now it looks like his brother could be the one to dominate these last few months. Shane Dawson, the YouTuber behind the viral TanaCon documentary, has released a teaser for "The Mind Of Jake Paul," suggesting that he's going to give the 21-year-old a similar treatment — and people are buzzing.
Jake Paul has 16 to brother Logan's 18 million subscribers, but they're both considered to be some of the most dominating pop culture figures on the internet. And also the most controversial. While Logan filmed the dead body of an apparent suicide victim and filmed racially insensitive videos, Jake was making local headlines for the destruction he and his group, Team 10, were causing in their California neighborhood. But in this teaser, Dawson hints that there's so much more we're about to learn about the Ohio native. Representation for Jake Paul did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
After a series of highlights from Jake's channel, the camera cuts to Dawson. "This is gonna be a nightmare," he says.
At the very end of the video, he's included another clip that's even more ominous.
"What are you worried about the most?" the person filming asks.
"That he's gonna be mad when he finds out what this series is about," Dawson whispers. But the internet says, "Game on."
"shane dawson could literally make a series about photosynthesis and i’d fucking worship it," one fan wrote.
"Shane Dawson doesn’t have to go that hard on every video he posts but he does for us," another said. "Ugh someone get that man a tv show because I hardcore stan true talent."
We don't know much else about the series, but Dawson did shed some light in a comment on Perez Hilton's YouTube channel spotted by The Verge.
"the subject isnt just jake paul," he clarified. "the subject is much much darker. and something you probably have dealt with with some of your ex friends."
The documentary is expected to release September 25. Consider us subscribed.

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