You Can Still Book A Cheap Flight Today — Here Are The Best Travel Tuesday Deals

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
Black Friday has passed, Cyber Monday has come and gone, but flight deals have their own special day. That's right, it's Travel Deal Tuesday 2018, and some of these deals are so sweet, you're going to want to book your next trip ASAP.
Several major airlines are slashing fares for Travel Deal Tuesday, according to fare-watching app Hopper. They've rounded up a list of data about historical trends, and why tickets prices tend to drop the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. And it makes a lot of sense — folks have already figured out their holiday travel arrangements, but may be consider some last-minute getaways. Today is the perfect day to book that trip. Miami? Houston? Reykjavik, Iceland? Don't mind if we do!
Participating companies include American Airlines, Southwest, Delta and several international airlines including Virgin Atlantic, EasyJet, and Cathay Pacific. As usual, the fare deals are highest if you depart from a major US airport. According to Hopper, domestic flights to New York City could run as low as $166, and $222 to West Palm Beach. Obviously, these deals are subject to change, so we recommend using Hopper, Google Flights, or another fare-watch app to monitor fare prices through the day.
Below, we've scouted out some of the best deals to satisfy your wanderlust:
From New York City, NY:
Miami, FL — $136 round-trip in January and February (42% off)
Dublin, Ireland — $245 round-trip in January (56% off)
New Orleans, LA — $142 round-trip in December (45% off)
Tokyo, Japan — $486 round-trip in March and April (52% off)
From Houston, TX:
Miami, FL — $106 round-trip in January, February, and March (53% off)
Bangkok, Thailand — $575 round-trip in March (30% off)
From Washington, D.C.:
Paris, France — $337 round-trip in January and February (42% off)
Seattle, WA — $216 round-trip in January (36% off)
San Diego, CA — $314 round-trip in January and February (30% off)
Nassau, The Bahamas — $274 round-trip in January (23% off)
Reykjavik, Iceland — $327 round-trip in February and March (26% off)
Amsterdam, Netherlands — $332 round-trip in January, February, and March (38% off)
From Chicago, IL:
Los Angeles, CA — $122 round-trip in February (26% off)
Las Vegas, NV — $130 round-trip in January and April (25% off)
Paris, France - $338 round-trip in January, April, and May (42% off)
London, UK — $350 round-trip in January and February (42% off)
Beijing, China — $522 found-trip in February, March, and October (39% off)
From Boston, MA:
Fort Lauderdale, FL - $78 round-trip in December (61% off)
From Los Angeles, CA:
Chicago, IL — $131 round-trip in February (24% off)
Newark, NJ — $234 round-trip in February (19% off) Pro tip: If you're flying into New York City, it can sometimes be cheaper and quicker to fly into Newark, NJ (EWR), and take the train into Manhattan.
Kahului, HI — $360 round-trip in January and February (31% off)
Madrid, Spain — $335 round-trip in February and March (67% off)
Tokyo, Japan — $420 round-trip in February, April, May, and August (36% off)
If you're looking for a great deal this week, try out these fare-watcher sites:

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