A Full Guide To Every Winter Show Worth Watching In 2019

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
The holiday season has officially arrived. While that usually means all the best shows go into hiatus for weeks on end, that is no longer the norm thanks to streaming services. Throughout December and into the new year, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu will all premiere some of their buzziest shows. Then, when 2019 kicks off, your favorite broadcast and cable networks will also get in on the fun.
That means new Bachelor, new Grown-ish, the heralded return of True Detective, and introductions to some possible new favorites (hello, Roswell, New Mexico). Although this is all good news, it is also a little stressful. Who can keep track of what premieres when, which channel or streaming site it’s on, and what it’s even about? We can.
To keep your television binges organized, we came up with a handy guide to winter’s best series going into 2019. Continue reading to find out when they premiere and exactly what you should expect.
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