Vanessa Hudgens Is Here For The Princess Switch & Parent Trap Comparisons

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
There’s something incredibly magical about holiday movies, especially when they include Vanessa Hudgens in a doppelgänger switcheroo like Netflix’s The Princess Switch.
The festive rom-com follows lookalike ladies Stacy, a baker from Chicago, and Margaret, the Duchess of Montenaro, who decide to, well, switch places.
Now, if the idea of two characters from completely different backgrounds played by the same actor, and swapping lives sounds eerily familiar to you, you are not alone. The film totally gives off Parent Trap vibes, which Hudgens absolutely loves.
“I’ve seen that movie so many times,” the actress told People. “My sister and I used to act out the scenes from the movie. It’s still such a go-to of mine. If I still love it, hopefully, this will be a classic for my fans and that they’ll still watch it.”
It’s a beloved trope in rom-coms and feel-good movies. Other films with similar “let’s trade lives” plot lines include The Lizzie McGuire Movie (minus the hair dye) and Model Behavior (minus Justin Timberlake).
Similar to The Parent Trap, The Princess Switch also includes a trip overseas and an elaborate secret handshake. And much like Hallie, Stacy is more laid back while Margaret, like Annie, has a strong British accent. In fact, the latter posed an interesting challenge for Hudgens and is one of the things that drew her to the role.
“It was very confusing!” Hudgens admitted. “There are the two characters and then they switch, so trying to figure out if I was American trying to be British, or British pretending to be American, it was definitely a confusing situation.”
While Hudgens expertly plays both parts, she feels she identifies most with Stacy during the holidays. But don’t expect her to bring any baked goods to the celebration. Instead, she’ll bring the drinks.
“By no means am I a baker,” Hudgens explained. “I’d take a plate of pasta over a piece of cake any day. I love making mulled wine, a) because it’s delicious and b) because it makes the entire house smell so good. Also, Fireball with Martinelli’s sparkling cider, that’s another holiday classic of mine. It is so good! It’s the perfect holiday cocktail.”

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