Ranking All The American Horror Story Seasons, From Best To "What Were They Thinking?"

Photo: Courtesy of FX.
What’s your deepest, darkest fear? Whatever it is, you can bet that American Horror Story has explored it. Over eight seasons, Ryan Murphy’s FX anthology series has crafted a United States of terror, complete with a haunted hotel, “murder house,” and coven of fashionable, yet sometimes dangerously powerful witches.
Like many American Horror Story fans, I haven’t missed a single episode of the madness — which, more often than not, the season fully descends into by the final three episodes. (If not earlier — let’s be real.) Yet while some seasons of American Horror Story are crazy in all the right ways, not all installments hit horrific highs. Hey, that’s okay: It’s hard to strike magic every time... if you’re not a member of Miss Robichaux’s Academy, that is.
Which seasons of American Horror Story truly reigned Cordelia Goode-levels of supreme? Click through to see our official ranking of American Horror Story seasons, from worst to best.

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