Everything You Need To Remember About The Coven Witches For AHS: Apocalypse

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American Horror Story: Apocalypse was hyped up as a crossover between two beloved seasons of AHS: originator Murder House and the crackling campfest that was season 3's Coven. Yet, over the first three episodes of Apocalypse there was nary a fabulous black lace gown or “Surprise, bitch...” until the very last seconds of “Forbidden Fruit.” Then, finally, Ryan Murphy blessed viewers with the entrance of Coven queens Cordelia Goode (MVP Sarah Paulson), flame-haired Myrtle Snow (Frances Conroy), and the very GIF-able Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts at her most Emma Roberts).
As trailers, Ryan Murphy’s Instagram account, and IMDb cast lists confirm, the Coven witches are set to be Apocalypse’s leading heroines for the rest of the season, starting with the hilariously titled “Could It Be... Satan?” That fact makes sense, since the Outpost 3 shenanigans were unquestionably put to test when Ms. Wilhemina Venable (Paulson, again) and Miriam Mead (Kathy Bates) murdered literally everyone under their care. Then, the antichrist (Cody Fern) went and had Ms. Venable murdered. Everyone who didn't have a direct line to Satan in Outpost 3 was dead for a few minutes there.
Thankfully, the witches resurrected three outpost denizens without a Coven doppelgänger: Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt (Leslie Grossman), the Oprah-like Dinah Stevens (Adina Porter), and newly confirmed witch Mallory (Billie Lourd), who we already know has pyrokinetic powers. While that kind of life-giving entrance certainly reminded viewers of the power of Coven’s witches, it didn’t give us a full picture of these supernatural ladies. In fact, it was too busy being fabulous to explain major plot holes.
So, keep reading for all the forgotten details of these witchy women, down to which of them should be dead.
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Okay, what was Coven even about?

It wasn’t all cool outfits and Jessica Lange chewing the scenery as head witch Fiona Goode, reigning Supreme and all-around bad bitch. While Coven took viewers everywhere from the swamp to the heart of New Orleans and literally hell, it centered around the goings-on of Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. Miss Robichaux's seemed to be a run-of-the-mill boarding school for young women, but it was actually an academy for witches in training to hone their otherworldly abilities.

The two main arcs of Coven were built around finding the next Supreme to replace Fiona and a war with the Voodoo witches of New Orleans (remember when Angela Bassett tortured an old racist played by Kathy Bates!).
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Who & what is the Supreme?

The Supreme is the supreme witch of the Coven coven, which is descended from the legendary Salem coven. The Supreme is immune to diseases and, honestly, most real signs of aging. There is a Supreme in every generation of witches, and the reigning Supreme is tasked with identifying the next one as her time in the position ends.

Once a reigning Supreme chooses her successor, that young witch must perform the Seven Wonders of witchcraft, which includes tests of telekinesis, pyrokinesis, the ability to travel to hell and return, and the power to raise the dead.

In Coven, after Fiona was seemingly murdered (following her own murder attempt against top Supreme candidate Madison), it became her daughter Cordelia’s job to figure out who the next Supreme was. Eventually, in Coven finale “The Seven Wonders,” Myrtle realizes Cordelia was the new Supreme all along. The heir apparent then goes through the Seven Wonders trials and succeeds with flying colors, taking the metaphorical Supreme throne. Cordelia is thriving so strongly, her status as Supreme even fixes her hair and self-inflicted blindness.

So, Cordelia stands as the new Supreme in her mother’s place.
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What happens to the old Supreme once a new one is named?

As “Seven Wonders” proves, the ascension of a new Supreme completely decimates the health of the former one. In one of the last scenes of the AHS season 3 finale, Fiona reappears, proving she faked her death. She looks awful. A very fragile Fiona, who is obviously losing hair and weight rapidly, looks so bad that Cordelia questions whether her cruel mother will even make it through the night.

It is suggested Fiona dies in her last scene of “Seven Wonders” and is left trapped in hell.
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Who else was in the cast for Coven?

Early-season AHS favorite Taissa Farmiga as Zoe Benson, a teen girl whose specialty power is murdering men she has sex with. Gabourey Sidibe as Queenie, a young Salem-descended witch with ties to the Voodoo clan and the ability to transfer her own pain to anyone of her choosing. The aforementioned, iconic Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) was also introduced in Coven. She doesn’t have any special extra powers, but she does excel in telekinesis.

Other memorable characters include Misty (Lily Rabe), who was wildly powerful when it came to bringing the dead back to life, and Kyle (Evan Peters), a boy Zoe had a crush on who later died. Zoe and Madison resurrected Kyle as a Franken-boyfriend, and Misty fixed their shoddy efforts.

There was also grande dame Myrtle, a member of the witch council and all around Balenciaga superfan. Since Fiona was such a distant mother, Myrtle acted as Cordelia’s surrogate mom.

P.S. There were also two burly witch-adjacent men who only appeared to take bad-behaving witches to the stake to burn. The Instagram photo here confirms those two men will be back.
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What does Stevie Nicks have to do anything?

Stevie Nicks is a beloved member of the Coven family. She repeatedly floated in and out of Coven under the nickname "The White Witch." Nicks has an especially strong connection with Misty.
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What can Coven witches actually do, power-wise?

Like all seasons of AHS, Coven eventually started playing fast and lose with the rules. But, we can see throughout season 3 that all witches have different levels of ability with different powers. Yes, everyone seemingly has telekinesis, but only Madison is so powerful she can flip a bus over with her mind. On the other hand, no one is better at resurrection than Misty.

This is where the Supreme comes in, as she has of the basic witch powers, and they're all very strong. Once a Supreme takes her title, she vibrates with a strength so powerful, everyone around her can feel it.

Still, a Supreme doesn’t get any of the “specialty” powers, like the ones Zoe or Queenie possess. During Coven we learn those abilities — like killing people with sex — are genetically passed down through a family line.
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How did the Coven finale end?

Once Cordelia takes her Supreme throne, she decides to tell the entire world about witches. That bold move leads to an army of young women, who all believe they are witches, showing up at Miss Robichaux's seeking Cordelia's supernatural tutelage.

So that means the Apocalypse world is one where everyone was already aware witches were among them. Despite the grimness of the imminent, unknown-at-the-time apocalypse, Coven ends on a positive note, with Cordelia announcing to her legion of new witch students, “We can do more than survive — it’s our time to thrive.”

Her two right-hand women are Queenie and Zoe, newly confirmed members of the Witches’ Council.
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Who should be dead?

A lot of people who are alive and well in the Apocalypse timeline. Madison was murdered by Kyle in “Seven Wonders” for letting Zoe die (he didn’t know Cordelia was resurrecting his girlfriend in the green house). Myrtle was burned at the stake for murdering members of Coven's original Witches Council (the older woman asked for the punishment to protect Cordelia's Supreme reputation). Misty turned to actual ashes and disappeared after failing one of the Seven Wonders trials.

Yet, all of these women are strutting through Apocalypse — bet you thought you had seen the last of them.

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